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JR Nearly Did Lucha, Manik Talks Death of Perro, Paragon TV Deal Update

Jim Ross Nearly Called Lucha Underground

In his latest blog Jim Ross revealed that he nearly did some work for Lucha Underground:

I had a chance to do some work with Lucha Underground as they prepare for their season finale taping in a little over a week that will air in August but we couldn’t make the date work. I’m a fan of their product, except the intergender stuff which doesn’t suspend my disbelief, and would have enjoyed doing a project with them but it wasn’t in the cards this time around. I wish them the best of luck nonetheless during these apparent, crunch times for their brand. I am still of the belief that their back stage content is the best in he genre.

Manik on dealing with Perro’s Death

TNA star Manik discussed the death of Perro Aguayo Jr. in a recent interview with V2 Wrestling. He was part of the match when the tragic incident took place:

It bothered me for the first few days and I probably replayed about a minute of time, over and over and over all day and all night for days. I haven’t thought about it much since then. There’s been a definite period of feeling I am still in that ring for a couple of days and then I just got to a point, mostly with the help of all those around me. I usually deal with hardship through my work but in this case that’s what it was. I am usually pretty active on social media as those who follow me know but there was a period where I was just gone for a while and Rey was too. I was stuck in a place for a time and then got to a point when it was a good time to move on with the community. The impact of Perito and everything that happened was being absorbed the right way and people were starting to heal. And rather than letting it linger and doing more damage, I felt that everyone involved began to come together.

Indy TV Deal Reaches As Many Homes as RAW

Paragon Pro Wrestling have issued an official press release about getting their national TV deal with POP. Interestingly the channel is in about as many homes as USA Network, putting them in a much better position than TNA. Whether they’ll actually draw an audience is another matter:

Paragon Pro Wrestling (PPW) announces a long term national TV Network agreement with POP TV (

This June, Paragon Pro Wrestling will debut on Pop TV, a basic cable and satellite network owned by both the CBS Corporation and Lions Gate Entertainment available in 85+ million TV Households.

Paragon Pro Wrestling will reach more TV viewers than any other Professional Wrestling Organization in the United States.

Roster members include Jessy Sorenson, Alexander Hammerstone, Joey Ryan, Alex Chamberlain, Gangrel and “Big Money” Tyshaun Prince.

Paragon Pro Wrestling tapes live in Las Vegas.


Paragon Pro Wrestling, Professional Wrestling’s Model of Excellence, tapes television for national distribution and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay up to date on PPW news and events by following them on Twitter, @ParagonPW and Liking them on

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