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JR Joins Fox Sports (talks Royal Rumble), Duggan Shoots On Bischoff, Langston Talks Title Unification

Jim Ross Shares Royal Rumble Memories

Jim Ross has singed a deal with Fox Sports to be a columnist. In his first peice he discusses his Royal Rumble memories. Of the 1997 event, JR wrote:

One of my favorite WrestleMania matches is the Hitman Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin masterpiece at WM13 in Chicago. The Royal Rumble in 1997 stoked the fire of this story line as it was one of the most anticipated issues in WWE featuring the long time, hugely, popular star vs the upstart, loudmouth, hell-raising, coarse tough guy. Austin won that Rumble match in controversial — is there any other kind? – fashion, eliminating the Canadian hero and setting the stage for their WM13 classic. Their natural chemistry was on display in this Rumble match. It was a sign of things to come.

Speaking of JR he gave his picks for this year’s Rumble during an interview with the UK’s the One Sided Ring podcast:

Looking down the list of other guys, you have Cena and Orton already in a match, Lesnar and Big Show in a match. They are four very viable candidates, but I don’t know if any of those four are going to be in the Rumble. If you take away all of those possibilities, to me it comes down to Daniel Bryan or Batista.

Who is going to mean the most as a challenger, against the champion, in New Orleans? An argument can certainly be made that that person is Daniel Bryan. He seems to be, based on watching Raw, the hottest guy on TV. He has connected with the audience very organically. He is a magnificent in-ring performer. He is the prototypical underdog. He’s a consummate pro. And the people have embraced him. However, part of Daniel Bryan’s charm and popularity is that he never quits. He is always working to achieve the impossible and earn respect. There is something to be said for Daniel Bryan being on the chase. I’m not one that thinks that Daniel Bryan has to definitively have the world title today to continue his growth.

You can make an argument for Batista. How do you bring back after four years – he’s a massive star, he’s done well outside of wrestling – how do you bring him back and not monetize your investment by having him win?

Jim Duggan Compares Vince McMahon to Eric Bischoff

Hacksaw Jim Duggan comapred Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff in a recent interview with Wrestling 101:

There is no real comparison, that is like comparing a diamond and a chunk of coal. Vince McMahon is an absolute master, he is a brilliant man, you take a look at going up against WCW, Ted Turner and that whole organisation. Turner gave us all no cut contracts; Hulk Hogan, Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake, Bret Hart, and myself all went to WCW.

Vince then took all the cast offs like Triple H and Steve Austin and turned them into global superstars and once again he was on top. You’ve got to give Vince credit, he is not your friend, if you want a friend go buy a puppy, Vince is your boss. He will use you and make you money but when the time is right he will flush you down the toilet and won’t think twice about it, welcome to the real world.

Duggan also discussed his time in WCW under Vince Russo:

I had a good time in WCW at the beginning until of course towards the end when Vince Russo came in and they made me the janitor of WCW and turned me against America joining Team Canada. What they were trying to do was push me out of my contract, but this is a business and it is the way I support my family but I wasn’t going to quit, I made it work. As the janitor, one of the highest rated segments was me cleaning the toilets. I would give it my all, they gave me a toothbrush to clean Russo’s toilet and I got my head down and was scrubbing with water splashing about, I made it a good little spot where people liked it.

Same thing with Team Canada, I would be wrestling with Lance Storm and he’s as vanilla as they come and I’m behind him being ‘Hacksaw’. They called me into the office and said that they were trying to showcase the kids and asked if I could turn my stuff down a little bit. I was like turn my stuff down, tell the boy to turn his s–t up, this is the big leagues.

Big E. Talks Merging US and IC Titles

When asked by Knockout Nation which belt should stick around if the US and IC titles were merged, Big E. Langston said:

If I had to pick one I’d pick the Intercontinental because it has the most prestige. It’s not just because it is the title I hold. If you look at the list of wrestlers who have held the IC title, the list is ridiculous.

Langston also discussed his favorite Rumble moment:

When you think of Kane’s record for eliminations, that was pretty cool. In the modern era, the stuff that Kofi Kingston has done – from the handstand to the chair – is pretty cool moments. But from a dominant perspective, Kane has the nod with the most eliminations.

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