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JR Out of Hospital, Bischoff Talks Goldberg, Roman Reigns Father’s Day PSA

Jim Ross Released From Hospital

JR noted on Twitter that he’s now home after spending a couple of days in the hospital. He did not give any details, but did mention he had several tests done:

Eric Bischoff Discusses Goldberg’s Success

Speaking of JR he had Eric Bischoff on the latest episode of the Ross Report. During the show Bischoff discussed the rise of Goldberg in WCW and his success:

Clearly, Bill is a very special person. He’s a very special character. To this day, and I don’t have the experience you have, but out of all the people that I’ve worked with that I’ve met, Bill is very unique in a sense where, what you see is what you get. That intensity that you saw when he came out to the ring, it was not a lot of acting there…that was Bill.

We saw that early on, but there were limitations. You can’t just run through a cookie cutter press and crank out a wrestler that looks like Bill Goldberg. We had to work around limitations and we wanted to accelerate the process obviously, and get him out there as soon as we could.

Listen to the full interview below:

Watch Roman Reigns In Father’s Day PSA

Roman Reigns is featured in a PSA with his daughter for father’s day:

Speaking of fathers congrats to Heath Slater and his wife Stephanie who welcomed a new baby girl named Remmedy into the world on Thursday morning.

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