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JR Dixie Carter Controversy, Bo Dallas’ Debut, Extreme Rules Cover, Steph At White House

Dixie Carter’s Tweet About Jim Ross

A recent Tweet by Dixie Carter that mentions Jim Ross has been completely overblown by fans and websites alike. What happened was a fake JR account Tweeted Dixie asking who she and John Gaburick would “screw over next”, referring to all of the recent departures.

Dixie replied in her heel character (as she always does) saying: “You know as little as the real JR.”


This was not a real shot at JR, and he himself is not going to be annoyed by it. He says on his own show that he doesn’t care when heel characters take digs at him.

Now whether the Dixie character is lame, is a whole other question.

Speaking of JR he’s about to try his hand at boxing commentary:

Jim Ross also shared his favorite Owen Hart “rib” in a recent interview with The Province:

I was having a long day in my make-shift office at an arena when I was in charge of the talent roster at WWE. I had an extended conversation with someone that was having substance-abuse issues; that was our suspicion. Owen saw that my door had been closed for several hours. (As I headed to the arena to commentate for the TV broadcast), I catch him coming down the hall, stumbling, bouncing off the walls. I get up close to him, he’s got this white substance under his nose like he’s been doing cocaine. Obviously, Owen was not a drug user at all. Long story short, he’d gone to the desert table at catering and got a powdered doughnut, trying to cheer me up and say, ‘You had a rough day. A lot of us are appreciative of what you’re trying to do to help guys.

When Will Bo Dallas Debut?

Bo Dallas is currently scheduled to debut on the main roster on next week’s episode of SmackDown. Like Adam Rose, his actual in-ring debut probably won’t be for a few weeks.

Fiery Extreme Rules DVD Cover

Here is the cover for this year’s Extreme Rules DVD and Blu-ray release:

It goes on sale June 2nd.

Stephanie Teaches Social Media To White House

WWE’s Stephanie McMahon was recently invited to the White House, to speak to the OFFICE OF PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT about connecting with the public. Stay tuned for the White House App!

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