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JR Discusses His WWE Release, RAW Rating Rises, Main Event Results

Jim Ross Discusses Infamous WWE 2K14 Symposium

JR went in to detail about the infamous WWE 2K14 Symposium in a new, and admitted that it contributed to his “retirement”:

I don’t think you have to be a Mensa member to figure out that it had an influence on decisions that were made. I was working with the developmental kids [in NXT] and enjoying that, and got called in for that job.

It was a very unique night, to say the least. Ric was coming off maybe the most traumatic time of his life. [Flair’s son Reid had recently died of a drug overdose.] In hindsight, it might not have been the most timely booking, to get him in that environment. And then you can look at the other side and say maybe it’s a good thing to get him out around friends. As it worked out, you’d probably lean more to the former than the latter. But here’s the deal: Visit Wrestling Inc.I was conductor of a runaway train. I was supposed to keep it on the tracks and that didn’t happen. So I don’t have any issues taking responsibility. Did I envision that it would help facilitate my exit? No. But I could see the thinking behind it.

But honestly, people might not believe this, and I don’t want to give one of those eye-rollers, but it really came at a good time. My health is good, I just celebrated my 62nd birthday, I got a lot of projects going. I’m going to start a podcast soon with the same company that does Austin and Jericho. I’m excited about that. I got Live Nation working with me on one-man shows and, of course, we start out the way we want to start out, in New York City, Saturday, March 1, at the Gramercy Theater.

Batista Spikes RAW Rating

This week’s episode of WWE RAW, featuring Batista’s return, drew an average audience of 4.869 million viewers on the USA Network. This is the best rating since Undertaker’s return last year.

The show did 5.249 million viewers in the first hour, 4.995 million in the second, and 4.363 million in the third.

January 22, 2014, WWE Main Event Results

Here’s what went down on last night’s WWE Main Event:

– R-Truth def. Damien Sandow, after reversing the Half Nelson.

– The Bella Twins def. Alicia Fox & Aksana, when Nikki hit a back-breaker on Alicia.

– Alberto Del Rio def. Sin Cara, with the Cross Armbreaker.

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