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DDP Hospitalized, JR In Comedy Trailer, Heyman Shoots On NBC Anchor, Chyna Speaks With Russo

DDP Hospitalized

DDP announced on Facebook that he was rushed to hospital with a serious throat issue that stopped him from breathing. He’s stable, but it looked like a close call.

Jim Ross In What Now Trailer

Jim Ross has a small role, essentially as himself, in upcoming comedy What Now, about a bunch of loser 30 somethings looking for fun and love. In the tailer below he drops the F-Bomb right at the end.

DDP and Jake Roberts also make cameos. One of the characters is a small time independent wrestler:

Paul Heyman Shoots On NBC News Anchor

The WWE Network broadcast a short segment from Paul Heyman yesterday, calling out disgraced NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who lied about being in a helicopter shot down in Iraq:

Vince Russo Interviews Chyna Over Triple H Comments

Vince Russo and Chyna are hyping a shoot interview between the two, that will address Triple H’s Hall of Fame comments. This will be on his pay site.

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