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John Cena Producing Reality Show? Sami Zayn Has Faith In Triple H, The Shockmaster Speaks

John Cena Doing Non-Wrestling Show

Variety has quotes from John Cena about his plans to produce a non-WWE reality/documentary show about ordinary people with extraordinary stories:

For someone like me that’s surrounded by so many interesting characters, you know when you brush up against someone who can hold a room. There are so many people out there who can hold someone’s attention.

Cena is teaming up with Leftfield Pictures, producers of the popular Pawn Stars show.

[One has to wonder where he will find the time though, considering he’s on a full WWE schedule and one of the top wrestlers in the company. There’s no sign that he’s winding down his career.]

Speaking of reality shows Tommy Dreamer just started his own production company.

Sami Zayn Talks NXT and Triple H

NXT star Sami Zayn recently spoke with the Miami Herald about NXT and Triple H:

I have a lot of faith in Triple H as far as in that I know he wants the best for us, for this business and company. It’s not just NXT and his guys, but WWE. So I think he obviously wants us to be featured in the best possible way when it does happen. I think it may be a good starting point, but I have a lot of faith that everything will be alright.

Zayn also discussed getting the opportunity to wrestle on RAW:

Essentially, I had a mixed reaction to it because it was not quite a debut. In a way, there was a weight off your shoulders in that respect thinking, ‘This is my only chance! This is my only chance!’ It was sort of, ‘Yeah, I’m going to be on Raw. Then maybe I will stay on Raw. Maybe I won’t.’ I haven’t been on Raw since, but I was on Raw so that seed has been planted.

[I still don’t quite know what to make of NXT. It’s a developmental league that has become its own brand, and now some of the stars have been popping up on the main roster without officially debuting and without any hype, like the Ascension whose whole gimmick was about hype and building up to something. It’s hard to know whether we’re supposed to take the NXT roster as rookies, established stars, or something in-between. And then what about main roster jobbers, where do they fit in to the hierarchy?]

Fred Ottman Interview

Fred Ottman who played Tugboat and Typhoon in WWE and the infamous WCW Shockmaster, recently spoke with the LAW about his career. He confirmed that he’s never been contacted about a Legend’s deal or Hall of Fame Induction:

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