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John Cena Injured? Bryan Wants Lesnar, Tough Enough Cancelled, Sting DVD Intro

Concern Over Cena’s Nagging Injuries is reporting that there is concern for John Cena who is trying to work through a number of nagging injuries, including his shoulder and neck.

Could this be why he was fed to Brock Lesnar so convincingly?

Daniel Bryan Wants Program With Brock Lesnar

Daniel Bryan recently told Between The Ropes that out of everyone, he’d like to work a program with Brock Lesnar:

Brock Lesnar is, right now, out of all the WWE superstars currently active, Brock Lesnar is the one that I want. That’s the match that I want. I think that match would be something different than the WWE Universe has ever seen. So, yeah, that’s the match that I’m gunning for.

Speaking of Bryan, it looks like his inclusion in November’s European Tour advertising was premature as both he and Wade Barrett have now been pulled.

New Season of Tough Enough Cancelled

According to the Wrestling Observer after being pushed back due to budgetary cuts, the new season of Tough Enough has been completely cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Best of Sting DVD Clip have revealed the intro clip to WWE’s upcoming “The Best of Sting” DVD and Blu-ray set, out September 23rd:

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