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Joey Styles Punches Out JBL Backstage For Real!

Joey Styles JBLIn a truly “oh my god” moment (excuse the pun) several sources have revealed (with smiles on their faces) that former ECW announcer and current head honcho Joey Styles snapped and legitimately layed out long time backstage bully and wrestler JBL!

The incident occurred on the overseas stop in Iraq for the Tribute To The Troops special. After being subject to JBL’s and many others childish bullying (because it was Style’s first trip to the danger zone) the former voice of Extreme had enough and punched out a slightly inebriated JBL with his ring hand no less, cutting Bradshaw’s eye and sending him cleanly to the floor. According to we know that there was at least one incident beforehand where JBL deliberately spilled drink on Joey.

JBL is said to be deeply embarrassed and humiliated by the self professed poindexter and some are going as far as to say that Joey impressed Vince McMahon with his ballsy retaliation, leading to his appearance on Raw.

JBL is a well known bully and hazer backstage, although most just deal with it because it wouldn’t be a great political move to punch out the man that rides with Vince in the private jet, but the opposite seems to have happened in this case.

Many WWE stars are privately happy and of course others are rubbing it in on poor JBL.

This is not considered to have any firing repercussions.

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