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Jesse Neal Shoots On Bruce Prichard, Bully Ray The Next Tony Soprano? Sacrifice Before The Bell

Jesse Neal Calls Prichard A “Piece Of Sh…”

Former TNA wrestler Jesse Neal had some choice words for Bruce Prichard, who worked as talent relations head during his time there. Neal told Graveyard Radio that Prichard was a “piece of shit”, who nixed his tag team Ink Inc with Shannon Moore. He was also responsible for suggesting Neal go to OVW, where his pay would have been cut and he’d have been forced to live with 5 or 6 other wrestlers.

Neal also said that when he broke his neck, the company offered very little help and just told him to go home and rest.

When asked about Global Force Wrestling he said he’d love to work for Jarrett.

Bully Ray Branching Out In To Acting?

bully ray acting

Bully Ray told BANG Showbiz that he’s interested in doing movies:

I’m looking into films and other things right now … I am looking to branch my career out a little bit more into acting … I think I fit certain roles, I’ll use as an example a guy like James Gandolfini in ‘The Sopranos’. I think that type of role I could pull off real well, just with my natural personality.

I just did a television show for Nickelodeon. The show is called ‘See Dad Run’ and it stars Scott Baio and it’s on nick@nite. So I did an episode with him and it went really well and I had an extremely positive experience out there in Hollywood, I was there about a week working at Paramount Studios, I got to work with Scott Marshall and Garry Marshall, and I got to work on the same set as ‘Happy Days’. It was a tremendously positive experience.

TNA Sacrifice Before The Bell

TNA have uploaded a Before The Bell for this Sunday’s Sacrifice PPV:

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