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Jerry Lawler Hospitalized, Ziggler Suffers Concussion, RAW Results

Jerry Lawler Scare Was Just Stomach Bug

Jerry Lawler was hospitalized yesterday ahead of RAW after his son Brian Christopher became aware that he was having chest pains and then vomited. After getting blood work done it was determined that he either had a stomach bug or had just eaten something that didn’t agree with him.

The King did make it back for the RAW broadcast but was kept out of the announce booth. He later appeared on the App and joked that once you’ve had a heart attack you can’t even have a nap without people thinking you’re dead.

Dolph Ziggler Out With Another Concussion

In another set back for Dolph Ziggler he suffered a concussion during a match with Ryback taped for Superstars. He will now have to go through WWE’s ImPACT Testing before being allowed back in the ring.

It was only last year that a concussion derailed Ziggler’s main event push.

Old School RAW Results

During last night’s Old School RAW both Batista and Alberto Del Rio were announced for the Royal Rumble match. Here is a recap of what went down on the show, including a surprise appearance from Jake Roberts:

– Ric Flair opened RAW but was confronted by Randy Orton. The Champ suggested Flair leave the ring and demanded the Authority cancel his rematch with Cena. He said Naitch was overrated and backed him in to a corner, but before Orton could get physical, Cena came down for the save.

– Rey Mysterio & The Usos def. The Wyatt Family, when Mysterio rolled up Harper.

– Big E Langston def. Curtis Axel, with the Big Ending.

– The Shield appeared on ‘Piper’s Pit’. Hotrod stirred up the friction between the group until they nearly snapped, but it was CM Punk and the New Age Outlaws who came to diffuse the situation.

– Alberto Del Rio def. Sin Cara, with a Superkick to the head. After the match Del Rio had some negative things to say about Batista.

– Cody Rhodes & Goldust def. The Real Americans, when Goldust hit the Final Cut on Jack Swagger.

– The Great Khali def. Damien Sandow, with Sgt. Slaughter voted guest referee. The match ended while Sandow’s leg was still on the ropes, but when he got in Slaughter’s face, the Sarge locked on the Cobra Clutch.

– Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar addressed the WWE Universe … Mark Henry came down for revenge but ended up locked in the Kimura, but when Big Show made his presence known it was Lesnar who was humiliated.

– Alicia Fox & Aksana def. The Bella Twins.

– Too Cool & Rikishi def. 3MB.

– Roman Reigns def. CM Punk (w/ the Outlaws), after Ambrose caused the distraction so Reigns could hit the Spear. After the match Jake Roberts hit the ring and unleashed Damien!

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