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Jericho’s WWE Future, New WWE Executive, Why Harold Wasn’t Signed

Chris Jericho’s WWE Future Unclear

Chris JerichoWhen asked by whether he’ll be returning at the Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho said he has Fozzy commitments in January, but if he was to return to wrestling the timing would have to be right and he’d need a “special” storyline to consider it.

We’re in the studio in January to work on a new record.

Not that I couldn’t come back to wrestling, but it would have to be under the right circumstances with the right angle. I enjoyed earlier this year when I came back, it was one of the best runs of my career, but I found it to be a bit listless. There wasn’t a specific mission, like when I came back in 2012 and it was the CM Punk story. This time it was just working with random people, which was fun. At this point though, to come back to wrestling, which I still love, it would have to be for a specific angle that I could really sink my teeth into.

If not, I don’t know that I would come back and I don’t know if they’d want me to come back. It’s very egotistical of me to think I can come and go whenever I want. They say it’s cool, but Vince [McMahon] could change his mind and say, “I think you should stay for a year and if not we can’t really use you.”

Who knows? I’ve spent the last ten years working on my life after wrestling. I’m 43 years old. I still feel great and I can still work great, but eventually I’m not going to be able to do a Chris Jericho match at the level I can do it, which is five-star, balls-out every night, whether you’re at Madison Square Garden for “Wrestlemania” or in Covina, Cal. for a house show. Ten or 10,000, I work the same.

I don’t know what the future in wrestling holds, because I haven’t gotten a lot of feedback from WWE either. I don’t know exactly where I would fit in with them at this time. They’ve got their storylines locked in, and you can already kind of see what they’re going to do for “Wrestlemania.” But it would have to be something very special for me to come back to. If not, and wrestling fans might hate me for this, I don’t need the big retirement tour. I don’t need the last match, I don’t even really want to do that, like the [Ric] Flair thing and the Shawn [Michaels] thing

WWE Names New Executive Ahead Of Network Launch

In preparation for the planned WWE Network, the company have named Matthew Singerman Executive Vice President of Programming.

STAMFORD, Conn.– WWE (NYSE:WWE) today announced the appointment of Matthew Singerman as Executive Vice President, Programming. Singerman, who previously held senior level positions at Fox News Channel, TV Guide Network and Reelz Channel, will report directly to WWE Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Vince McMahon.

In this newly created role, Singerman will be responsible for the strategic development of content, including original, unscripted and scripted shows, scheduling of all programming and operations across all distribution platforms, including a potential WWE Network.

Singerman brings more than 20 years of experience in production and programming from various broadcast and cable networks. Most recently, Singerman served as a consultant for well-established and start-up channels, including NFL Network, Nuvo, Pivot and Back9 Network. Prior to his role as an industry consultant, Singerman was the Senior Vice President of Programming at Reelz Channel. In this position, he oversaw all programming, development and acquisitions, including The Kennedys, which was the highest-rated show in Reelz Channel history. The network’s rating grew more than 300 percent during Singerman’s tenure.

Prior to joining Reelz, Singerman was the Senior Vice President of Programming and Production at TV Guide Network. He spent five years overseeing all of the network’s programming, which included the creation of 10 new shows, and partnerships with top Hollywood production companies including Freemantle and Magical Elves. In this role, he also managed and recruited all of the network’s talent.

Earlier in his career, Singerman was Fox News Channel’s Executive Producer of Morning Programming, in charge of the Fox & Friends franchise, which included Fox & Friends, Fox & Friends First and Fox & Friends Weekend. During his tenure, he managed the production and booking for 21 hours of live television each week, and increased network viewership from 40,000 to more than 1 million daily viewers.

Singerman graduated cum laude from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Why WWE Never Signed Harold “Scorpio Sky”

Independent star Scorpio Sky, who played Harold in the Kane/Bryan anger management skits and Mason Andrews in TNA, noted on Twitter that one of the reasons he never got signed to WWE was because he’d only just been in TNA:

“WWE wanted to sign me, but because I did TNA a month before I was ‘off limits’. So nobody can say I’m not there because I’m not good enough.”

I personally interviewed Sky back in April and he discussed whether he’d ever want to go the developmental route:

“The way the system is set up you have to up and move to Florida. Live there and not make much money hoping to get to TV eventually. You and 30 other guys all trying to earn a spot. I think I make more money where I am, so it would be difficult to make that move.”

Also at the time WWE distanced themselves from him after he used the term “faggot” on Twitter during an argument.

“I was wrong for saying what I did, and though it was not intended in the way it was taken, wrong is wrong,” Sky told me.

“I do believe it was blown out of proportion, and my heart was in the right place. It’s one of those internet miscommunications. Have you ever found yourself arguing with a friend, or girlfriend/boyfriend over something you said in a text message? And it truly was not your intention to hurt or offend that person. That is the situation I am in, publicly. You cannot always see into someones heart reading what they say. All you can do is see the words, but you can’t always understand the meaning behind the words. So, with that knowledge it is my job as a public figure to be aware of the words I am using. Lesson learned.”

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