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Jericho Talks TNA, Would WWE Sign TNA Stars? Gail Talks 6 Sides, Tyrus Update

Have TNA Ever Contacted Jericho? recently asked Chris Jericho if he ever had talks with TNA:

No, not at all. I mean they asked me if they could use the theme, so I said okay, and the band said okay. As far as if I ever considered going there, it’s great to have the option, but until Vince McMahon tells me I don’t work for him anymore; I worked for nobody but Vince since 1999, and I won’t work for anybody else but Vince till the day I retire. Visit Wrestling Inc. Working for another company does not interest me, and it’s not only TNA. It’s the same with New Japan and Ring of Honor, it’s the same for anywhere else around the world. If I’m putting on the boots and getting into the ring, it’ll be for the big leagues, and that is the WWE.

JR On If WWE Should Sign TNA Stars

In a new blog Jim Ross discussed whether WWE should sign TNA talent if they go out of business:

Been getting this question and I will admit that I do NOT know the answer but if Impact Wrestling talents were to become available and WWE did not consider hiring some of them to short term deals to work with the WWE’s NXT rookies then that is a mistake in my view. Rookies cannot get better working with other rookies nor can they improve without working with their betters in front of a paying crowd 3-4 night per week. It’s just that simple. Plus, who knows, the experienced hands may find new life and actually get over which would help the main roster which is somewhat stale at this time.

Gail Kim On Going Back To 6 Sides

Speaking with SportsVibe Gail Kim discussed going back to the 6 sided ring:

People don’t like change. I was fortunate enough to wrestle in that ring before so I knew it was going to take time to get used to. We’re still getting used to it. But honestly, we left it to the fans and it was certainly an overwhelming decision. I think it makes us different but at the beginning when we got it back, we could feel it physically on our bodies. Luckily, we have a great ring crew and we addressed the issue by working on it for us. It’s great now and it’s just a matter of getting used to where you are in the ring. I honestly think in a couple months nobody will realize.

Gail also put over Taryn Terrell:

I worked with Taryn in WWE and there we never really got to showcase what we could do. We never really developed a women’s division to what we have here. I never knew what to expect from her. She told me she loved physicality but I’ve never met anybody who wanted to go to that level. That was the first time in fourteen years that I was blown away. We’ve had a great chemistry since we started wrestling each other regularly.

Tyrus Storyline Update

TNA posted up the following storyline article regarding Tyrus (the former Brodus Clay), who is working as EC3’s bodyguard:

TNA is not my mission or concern, I don’t work for TNA. I work for the Carter Family and my mission is to keep EC3 safe and undefeated. I have no records, no goals… I simply want to cash the large checks from the Carters. I am here to beat, destroy, injure, intimidate and end careers, if necessary, if anyone stands in the way of any member of the Carter Family. The Carters pay me to do what I love: hate everybody – and I get paid well.

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