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Jericho Saves Us From Miz On RAW, Emma Caught Shoplifting, AJ Lee Wins Back Title, Barrett Stripped

Chris Jericho Makes Surprise Return On RAW

It was a night of surprise returns on RAW after the Authority hyped that a former World champ would be in the house on social media. But by the end of the night we ended up with three former champs back on TV!

– First off was the Great Khali who was back from a promotional tour and sabbatical to India. He squashed Damien Sandow who had the gall to dress as Vince McMahon in his ongoing look alikey gimmick.

– Next up the totem pole was The Miz who claimed he had returned to recapture the WrestleMania main-event spot he believes is rightly his.

– But to the legitimate shock of everybody Chris Jericho emerged to save us from the not so Awesome One and declared the show once again “RAW Is Jericho”. Firmly back as a face, the celebration was soon cut short when the lights went out and the Wyatts attacked.

While the inner workings of Jericho’s contract are unknown, he’s made it clear on his own podcast and many interviews that he was never going to come back unless it was on his terms, he could do all of his outside ventures, and if creative could give him a top storyline. One of the names he’s consistently praised is Bray Wyatt, which makes sense considering where things are already headed.

Will he be around forever? No, but we can expect at least a couple of big storylines and PPV matches.

Mick Foley was excited about the return, noting on Twitter:

Jim Ross who has rallied against creative’s lack of line between face and heel, noted how it was good that Bray did something truly heelish with the blind attack.

– Speaking of Jericho he recently released one of his podcasts on Youtube to draw special attention to terminal cancer patient Daniel House – a huge Jericho and Fozzy fan:

AJ Lee Returns and Beats Paige

Much like Paige defeated AJ Lee with an impromptu challenge, AJ made her (non-pregnant) return to RAW last night and won a similar challenge to regain the Diva’s Championship.

Is this a sign that WWE doesn’t have faith in Paige, or was she always just the place-holder?

Hopefully the pair will actually have a properly built PPV match where they can really showcase their talent, instead of this hot-shotting.

Bad News For Barrett

– Due to a shoulder separation injury that may keep him out of action for “several months” Bad News Barrett was stripped of the IC title on RAW, and the Championship will now be re-crowned at Battleground.

It’s a shame since his gimmick had finally taken off, but his fans will likely still be there when he returns.

– In other injury news Cesaro suffered a scratch to his eye in his match with Kofi Kingston, and has been instructed to wear a patch for the time being.

Emma Arrested For Shoplifting At Walmart

UPDATE: Emma’s Lawyer claims the incident was an error on her part with Walmart’s self-service checkout machines, where she paid for some items but accidentally failed to ring through an iPhone case.

… In what has many fans scratching their heads, preliminary WWE Diva Emma – Tenille Dashwood – was arrested Monday prior to RAW for shoplifting from a Walmart on 495 Flatbush Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut.

The Australian native who was trained by Lance Storm, was booked at 1pm and released a little after 2pm.

The exact circumstances surrounding the incident are unknown. Quite why a well paid WWE Diva needs to steal is mind boggling, unless of course it was some kind of misunderstanding … or she’s just crazy. If it’s the latter then WWE has the perfect reason to say goodbye to her already lacklustre “push” on TV.

WWE released the following statement:

WWE is aware that Tenille Dashwood (WWE Diva Emma) was arrested for shoplifting. Ms. Dashwood is ultimately responsible for her personal actions.

Interestingly if she’s convicted of the “6th degree larceny” charge it may impact her US visa, as she is an Australian citizen.

WTF Emma!

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