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Jericho At Rumble? Marc Mero Heart Update, Warrior Viral Project, Victoria Catches Husband Texting

Chris Jericho Advertised Before Rumble

It’s likely Chris Jericho will be an entrant in next year’s Royal Rumble as he is advertised for the January 24th, house show from the Izod Center in New Jersey. This is the night before the PPV.

Marc Mero Enlarged Heart Update

Former wrestling star Marc Mero had some positive news about his enlarged heart. He wrote on Facebook:

Results are in!! I want to thank everyone that has prayed for me & Dar! I just left a meeting with Dr. Lars Svensson at the Cleveland Clinic. Darlene and I were waiting for 4 hours after my tests to hear the results on whether I would need surgery. NO Surgery at least not now! Dr Svensson said my enlarged heart has gotten smaller from 6.3 to 5.9! He also said he was not concerned about my Aorta, that also shrunk!! What??? Praise GOD!! He wants to see me again in 6 months to reevaluate. He did say that he thinks I will eventually need surgery but right now, we are celebrating Faith in God and the power of prayer! I believe God showed up at the Cleveland Clinic. He does answer prayer! I was prepared to go through a major surgery but had Faith in the power of prayer! Praise GOD and I thank everyone that took the time to pray. I’m flying home tomorrow!!!

Mero has been very open about his steroid abuse during his years in wrestling, which is most likely the cause of his enlarged heart. Since retiring he has been doing motivational speaking, and drug awareness speeches.

Say Thank You Warrior

Ultimate Warrior’s camp have launched a viral video project. Here are the details:

Warriors, we need you!
WWE and Ultimate Creations are working on a brand new Ultimate Warrior project and as each and every one of you were so special to Warrior we would like YOU to be included!

To be featured all you need to do is the following:

1) Record a video on YouTube saying just three words “Thank you, Warrior”
2) Email the YouTube video URL to
3) Share your video on Social Media with the hashtag ?#?ThankYouWarrior? ?#?WWE?

Deadline for videos is December 5th.

Always Believe,

Team Warrior

Victoria’s Husband Caught Texting Other Woman?

Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Lisa “Victoria/Tara” Varon, aired some dirty laundry on Twitter last night when she posted the phone number of a woman called “Liz” who she caught texting her husband!

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