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Jericho Returns To WWE, AJ Lee’s Status, Mick Foley Quits Social Media

Chris Jericho Returns At House Show

Chris Jericho made a surprise WWE appearance at last night’s house show in Montgomery, Alabama. As previously noted his latest deal is only for live events and he won’t be appearing on TV or the Royal Rumble (of course that could always change). Jericho has stated that he doesn’t want to be on TV unless they have something important for him.

AJ Lee Suffering From Injury

AJ Lee recently noted on Twitter that she’s been out of action because of a nagging neck injury. Her advertised return is for the January 24th house show from New Jersey.

AJ has not been in the ring since TLC.

Mick Foley Off Social Media With Headaches

Mick Foley announced today that he’s taking time off from social media because the computer is causing him headaches.

I’m going to be taking a break from Facebook for a while – probably until after the Royal Rumble. Some of you are aware of the headaches I get from looking at computer screens for more than a few minutes. After making the decision to home-school my two younger children, I have to make the most of the time I do spend in front of a computer screen – and right now, that time can best be spent doing my best to educate my kids. Besides, the less time I spend online, the less chance I have of writing things that I’ll regret.

Foley was forced to retire due to too many concussions, so the headaches are probably related.

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