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Jericho Defends Friend DeMott, Rock Working With Spike TV, Sting’s Character, Stewart Praised

Chris Jericho Has his Friend’s Back

Despite the wave of former WWE talent speaking out against Bill DeMott’s “bullying” and “dangerous” training methods, Chris Jericho still has his friend’s back. He Tweeted:

Former WWE star Trent Barretta Tweeted that it was “about time” the allegations were coming out, and TNA’s EC3 who worked as Derrick Bateman in NXT Tweeted the following:

WWE released a statement yesterday saying they investigated the allegations at the time and found no evidence. They include accusations of racist and homophobic language, needlessly dangerous training methods that caused and worsened injuries, and an overall negative environment.

The amount of people who have made similar allegations would suggest there is some truth to them. They cannot be brushed aside as just coming from bitter former rookies that didn’t make it. Barretta for example WAS on the main roster. And notice how nobody has targeted the other trainers, only DeMott.

The Rock’s Company Working With Spike TV

The Rock and ex-wife Dany Garcia recently signed a deal with Spike TV for their $7 Bucks Productions company. The will be producing programming from live events, specials, sports and initiatives surrounding troops and veterans “with a goal of tapping into humanity, touching lives and inspiring and entertaining the audience.”

This has nothing to do with wrestling.

Big Show on Sting’s character

The Big Show discussed the evolution of Sting’s character in a recent piece:

To fight evil, sometimes you have to become evil. That was a brilliant move to embrace that darker side. You still knew the good Sting was there, the guy you grew up with and cheered for, the guy with the big smile. But you saw this other guy that had all this anger toward the nWo; he really exemplified a character that, in a superhero kind of way, could stand up at the plate and take everyone on by himself. A lone wolf kind of deal. And with the unique ways he would enter the ring, dropping down from the ceiling or blackouts before he would show up, he kept the element of surprise. I think the thing about Sting today is he hasn’t changed. Though his character has developed, the core value of who he is and what he represents hasn’t changed. He’s got a fan base from so many years of being someone you can depend on, kind of like John Cena. He’s been through so many trials and tribulations, and been able to stick to his guns. That’s what we respect in a hero.

Booker T also chimed in:

He’s an enigma. He’s mysterious and lurked in the shadows for many, many years. It’s an aura that draws you to him. Guys like that, they’re one of a kind. People have wanted to see him here in WWE for many years. I think people are intrigued by him. I think Triple H knows what he’s in store for. He’s conquered the business, putting himself in power as COO of a money-making company. That right there says a lot about his drive and determination. I don’t think he’s going to underestimate Sting. It’s going to be a knock-down, drag-out fight. However, I know since 1998, when DX invaded Nitro, Sting has wanted to get even. WrestleMania’s going to be a war.

John Stewart Praised For RAW

John Stewart is being praised by fans and WWE alumni alike for his excellent performance during RAW. He’s also got the kind of mainstream attention WWE are always looking for.

Randy Orton Tweeted:

Stewart is a pretty big fan and often takes his kids to the shows.

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