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Jeff Jarrett Quits TNA, AJ Styles Update, Samoa Joe ROH Incident

Jeff Jarrett Announces TNA Resignation

Jeff Jarrett quits TNATNA founder Jeff Jarrett announced on Twitter today that he has quit his role with the company:

“On December 22nd, 2013 I officially resigned from TNA Entertainment. Thanks to everyone involved for all the fantastic memories! #grateful”

Jarrett has been working backstage as an agent after returning a few months back. He still has a minority financial stake in the company which he’s maintained since selling the majority to Panda Energy. It’s yet to be seen whether he sells his share on.

Several wrestlers responded to the news on Twitter …

Samoa Joe:
“My best to you and yours Jeff see you down the road.”

Velvet Sky:
“IMHO @JeffJarrettTNA deserves more credit than ever. He started up tna & gave all of us a place 2 do what we love. Forever thankful to Jeff.”

Eric Young:
“@JeffJarrettTNA is one of the smartest men I have ever been around. Above all else he is a amazing man father and husband. Huge loss for TNA…Thanks to @JeffJarrettTNA for everything wouldn’t be where I am without him.”

Angelina Love:
“@JeffJarrettTNA made something amazing & gave so many of us a platform to share our talents with the world. And it was FUN!! #ThankYouJeff”

Matt Morgan:
“Sad news @JeffJarrettTNA resigning from @IMPACTWRESTLING. Thank u Jeff for giving me a real opportunity&always believing in me!”

AJ Styles Still Talking With TNA

Though he is officially a free agent AJ Styles till remains open to talks with TNA. His agent Bill Behrens announced:

“We continue positive discussions with TNA but not exclusively. AJ has not yet agreed to a new deal nor signed a contract with anyone.”

Samoa Joe ROH Misunderstanding

Samoa Joe got the impression that he is not welcome back in ROH and wrote the following on Twitter recently:

“Today I was told in alternate circumstances I would not be welcomed back by ROH. A shame but no hard feelings still wish them the best. BTW that was not some passive aggressive BS tweet I honestly do wish them the best I still have many people I consider family there.”

The company however disputes this and issued their own statement:

“You’re welcome in #ROH anytime. If anyone says otherwise they don’t know what they are talking about. #ROHHallofFamer. Men like Joe, Punk, Bryan and Nigel built the foundation of #ROH”

This misunderstanding may be down to Jim Cornette who told Inside the Ropes recently that when he was with ROH they didn’t want Joe because TNA have ruined him. Cornette no longer works for ROH.

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  • Kent Walker

    This is officially the start of the end of tna, first aj doesnt re-sign ( though it appears he is still negotiating ) now jeff jarrett has left tna officially.
    When the founder and the companies top attraction for so many years both move on it signals a death nell to the company, tna is officially on the slide something we have known for a while but wasnt official till now.

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