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Jeff Jarrett Meets With ROH, Rey Mysterio’s Future, WWE Gives Maria Scholarship

Jeff Jarrett Met With ROH Yesterday

Although the specifics are not yet known, Jeff Jarrett reportedly met with ROH COO Joe Koff yesterday. It could simply be about Jeff Jarrett coming in for some dates, but the speculation is that it has to do with GFW.

It also might have something to do with the ROH talent appearing on the NJPW/GFW PPV, who were booked before GFW was on board.

It looks like Jarrett, who has partnered with promotions all over the world, is setting up some kind of unified banner (a bit like the old NWA) instead of running a standard promotion.

He still has a minority share in TNA.

Rey Mysterio Waiting For WWE Contract To Expire

Rey Mysterio is currently just sitting out his WWE contract so he can jump to AAA and get some other projects off the ground. He’s currently dealing with a hand injury, though he may be refusing to return to the ring at the same time. His deal would have already expired but WWE extended it because of the amount of time he’s spent out with injuries. Legally this seems to be a grey area.

Either way he’s done and simply doesn’t want to be under the WWE banner any longer.

Former WWE Diva Gets Tuition Fees Paid For

Former WWE Diva Maria is the first former contracted talent to be granted an education scholarship. She used the funding to continue a degree course at Johnson & Wales University.

“I was very excited, it’s a tremendous opportunity. I can’t wait to start [classes for my major] at school in December. School will be a lot more relaxing since I have the scholarships.”

Maria is also still working for ROH with her husband Mike Bennett.

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  • justice

    Good for Maria and Rey, Im a little disappointed that GFW is not going to be a regular promotion, but im still interested in seeing…what exactly it is?

  • Kent Walker

    Cant wait for Gfw to start fully, the concept of multiple world wide territories is something cool as we will get to see talent that wwe/tna arent interested in.
    As for Rey who cares he sucked at wcw when he was riding Juventudd guerero’s coat tails and this little big man thing is old and boring and sucked awfully, there are heaps more talented guys who could take his spot,i for one would prefer to see alex shelly, chris sabin and evan bourne brought in and split Rey’s pay between the three besides there would be a good three way match between them and they could work with others real well like Ambrose, Rollins, Cesaro et all.

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