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Jarrett Confirms New Project, Goldust Denies Mania Match, Why Foley vs Ambrose Was Nixed

Jeff Jarrett Searching World For New Talent

Though he didn’t specifically confirm that he’s launching a new promotion, Jeff Jarrett released a video today where he hypes his new “project” and says he’s searching the world for the best independent talent.

He also suggested that his new project may involve Lucha Libre promotion AAA, which is expanding in to the US.

Jarrett went as far as to say wrestling is on the verge of another boom period:

Goldust Says He Won’t Be Wrestling Cody

Goldust has once again denied that he’ll be breaking away from his brother and working a Wrestlemania match. He wrote on Twitter:

“I repeat… I WILL NOT BE FIGHTING MY BROTHER AT MANIA!!!!!!! Time has passed. Think what u want. Wouldnt get the spotlight it deserves.”

Before he returned to WWE Goldust campaigned for the match to happen.

Why The Mick Foley vs Dean Ambrose Feud Never Happened

A user on Reddit Squared Circle attended Mick Foley’s Tales from Wrestling Past in Nanaimo, BC, last night, and explained why the Mick Foley vs Dean Ambrose feud never went anywhere:

If you aren’t familiar with the potential feud, Foley and Dean had a viral video of them having a confrontation in an airport, followed by a number of tweets back and forth between them. Ambrose’s tweets contained threats to him and his family, saying he wanted to make his kids become homeless and orphans. The belief among dirt sheets at the time is that Foley wasn’t okay with these comments and told Ambrose to stop, and he didn’t and that’s why Foley called off the feud.

Mick explained that he did actually have a problem with the tweets directed towards his family and he texted Dean asking him to stop. Ambrose continued after the text and had several tweets mentioning his family. Little to Mick’s knowledge, Ambrose was working a UK tour and his cellphone couldn’t receive texts. So Dean continued tweeting and working the feud on Twitter.

When Dean came back from the UK he pulled the tweets and apologized to Foley. The feud was still supposed to happen until Mick failed the impact test. The doctors told Foley he should never wrestle again. Foley would then go on to his own doctors who told him the exact same thing.

Foley said he was upset that he couldn’t have the feud with Ambrose, but he believes it was best in the end because Ambrose ended up debuting with the Shield.

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