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Jeff Hardy’s Status, TNA Want Foreign Talent, Magnus Makes PWI

Jeff Hardy Not Leaving TNA

jeff hardy leaving tnaThere’s been rumors floating around lately that Jeff Hardy is on his way out of TNA, however he signed a two year deal in early 2013 making that unlikely. The reason he was written out of storylines at the recent Impact tapings is to explain his absence from the upcoming UK tour.

Due to his drug convictions he has trouble entering certain countries. The same thing happened during the last UK tour, though TNA slyly advertised him until the last minute.

TNA Seeking More International Wrestlers

TNA are currently scouting international talent to add to their roster. In a recent interview with Kurt Angle who was in India doing media had the following to say:

“We want to promote wrestling in India. I think we are going to become successful and the most effective way to promote in India is to see who the next talent from India is … TNA is looking for a wrestler here from India. We are going to obviously have a competition and we will see whom we can get from here. The best thing to do for the country is to recruit from the country. Our first step is to see whom we can get, what wrestler we can get from India to be part of our roster.”

Jeff Jarrett has also invited Puerto Rican wrestler Sebastian Guerra to come and get a tryout. “I’m going to go possibly in January. They searched me and offered it to me. It’s another opportunity. I have nothing to lose,” Guerra told the website.

Magnus Named Most Improved Wrestler

TNA star Magnus was named “Most Improved Wrestler of the Year” in Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s year end awards.

“It’s very kind, and I appreciate the coverage from PWI and the readers. If you thought that 2013 was maybe my breakout year then I’d say 2014 will be my standout year,” said Magnus.

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