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Jarrett TV Deal Falls Through? Hornswoggle Shoots On Cody Rhodes, Rusev Getting Special Entrance

Networks Not Interested In GFW

According to the Wrestling Observer networks have not expressed much interest in taking on a weekly GFW show, and Jeff Jarrett is looking at networks that do not have full national clearance.

If he cannot secure a weekly show right away, Jarrett is looking to pitch a one off special featuring stars from AAA and New Japan under the GFW banner.

Jarrett has been looking at venues in Las Vegas, so it’s possible he tapes content even before having an outlet for it to air.

Give Little People A Chance

Hornswoggle Tweeted Stephanie McMahon asking to #GiveLittlePeopleAChance.

It’s believed Cody Rhodes made some kind of response but because his Twitter is in “protected” mode we can’t see what it is. Nonetheless Hornswoggle replied with quite a scathing comment:

Rusev’s Wrestlemania Entrance

It looks like Rusev will be getting a special entrance at Wrestlemania involving a bunch of Russian soldiers. Somebody Tweeted about the casting call earlier today:

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