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Jake Roberts Transferred, Lana Ruev Holiday Snaps, Goldberg On Sting To WWE, Hulk Shoots On Austin

Jake Moved Hospitals As Fluid Gets Worse

Jake Roberts has been moved to another Las Vegas hospital after the fluid on his lungs has spread to other organs. Although he is now concious doctors are still trying to get a handle on his situation. They are currently trying diagnose a mass/tumor on his brain.

In a correction to earlier reports he did not pass out on the flight to Las Vegas, but was in a really bad way and then dropped in to a coma in hospital, before coming around on Friday.

Roberts was on his way to an event promoted by the former Kizarny, and thought he was just powering through a case of the flu. Turns out he had pneumonia.

Lana and Rusev Chill With Harrelson & Willie Nelson

Real life couple Lana and Rusev were snapped on a short break to Hawaii, alongside legendary musician Willie Nelson and actor Woody Harrelson (most recently of True Detective fame).

[Get that Wellness test in now, because you know weed was in the air]

Goldberg Talks Sting Situation

In a recent interview with CBS Atlanta Goldberg discussed why Sting may not have signed on to do a match yet:

It’s a guy like Sting. It’s a guy like me that makes decisions not based upon wrestling logic, but based upon individual needs and desires. There’s a lot that plays into these things. It’s taken him this long to be a member of the WWE. He’s surely not going to make a hasty decision about anything.

You never know what WWE is doing. You never know what any of these guys are doing. You don’t know if they’re publicizing it to ramp up for an in-ring return or an appearance of if they’re just hinting at it so that they can sell more video games. You just never know.

There may be a bit of heat between Goldberg and WWE as the company has yet to even mention him on the Monday Night War series. He’s had on and off contact with them over the past few years but has yet to agree to any deal.

Hogan Calls Austin a Bitch?

In a recent interview with The Roz and Mocha Show on Toronto’s KiSS 92.5 Hulk Hogan said it was on Steve Austin’s shoulders that they never had the dream match:

If there was one guy that is this constant bitch is ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. I ran into him last week and I said, ‘look bro, everybody keeps talking, why didn’t this happen?’

When I came back with the nWo in ’05 I was ready to go, and it didn’t happen. I know he had some health issues and stuff like that, but what’s the problem now brother?… He can be a nasty scoundrel, I’m tellin’ ya.

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