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Jake Roberts Regains Conciousness, Ryback Update, Batista Talks WWE Run, New NXT GM

Jake Roberts Awake And Communicating

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts has regained conciousness after being in a coma for over 24 hours in Las Vegas. He was reportedly suffering pneumonia but decided to make his flight for a show ran by Sinn Bodhi (Kizarny). He passed out on the flight and was rushed to hospital when it landed, where Bodhi has been staying by his side.

As noted yesterday he had fluid on his lungs and doctors have also found a tumor on his brain, though they have yet to diagnose what it is.

Keep up the fight Jake!

Ryback Cuts Promo From Hospital

Ryback posted a video on Youtube from a hospital bed and explained that he’s suffering from a groin injury and two hernias. He Tweeted a few days back that he’d be going away for a while, and announcers alluded to an injury during Main Event. Though he’s hamming it up a bit, there’s nothing to suggest this is a storyline.

Batista Knew His Last Run Would Be Bad

Batista told Chris Jericho during his latest podcast that he knew his last run with WWE was being handled badly. He came off really well and denied various claims that he didn’t want to put over Daniel Bryan etc.

It was just bad from right off the bat. They said, ‘We want you to come out and do this thing with Hunter and Steph and Randy,’ and I was like, ‘First night back and you can’t give me five minutes in the ring by myself in front if the fans?

I told them from the very beginning [making me a babyface] isn’t going to work. They said, ‘Nah, man. They love you. They love you. They miss you.’ That’s going to last for 30 seconds. I said, ‘They want to hate me and I’m good at that.’

He also discussed getting in to acting and the disconnect Hollywood has for wrestlers, despite them essentially acting every week on TV.

William Regal New NXT GM

William Regal was named the new General Manager of NXT during last night’s broadcast on the Network. He announced Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Tyler Breeze vs. Adrian Neville in a Fatal 4 Way match for the NXT Title at Takeover 2.

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