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Jake Cancer Update, Batista Taking Time Off? Nash/Piper Beef Over? WWE’s Video Packages

Good News For Jake Roberts

WWE Hall of FamerJake Roberts revealed on Twitter that he needs just one more surgery, but all signs are that he’s cancer free:

Batista Taking Break After Extreme Rules?

Batista Time Off

It would appear Batista is taking time off after Extreme Rules, as he is not advertised for any shows past that date, including the post-PPV RAW.

Evolution will be taking on The Shield at the PPV.

Nash and Piper Speak Face To Face

Kevin Nash is claiming on Twitter that he spoke to Roddy Piper on the phone and their social media beef is over. Nash wrote:

Piper claimed on his debut podcast that he got in to a physical altercation with Nash in WCW, and threw him out of the locker room. Nash and Sean Waltman however, claimed it was Nash who got the upper-hand.

Man Behind WWE’s Video Packages Speaks

One of the main men behind WWE’s video hype packages – Adam Pennucci – recently spoke with WIRED.

Pennucci was tasked with making packages for the Miz’s main event push. He said he waited 10 years to use rapper Nas’ “Hate Me Now” in a video, but “It didn’t fit any of our heel characters, and it wouldn’t work for a babyface character. Then along came the Miz.”

After graduating from Syracuse University, Pennucci briefly worked for Major League Baseball logging games until he applied for a position advertised by Titan Sports, Inc. in 1994. Unbeknownst to him, the organization was the parent company of what was then the World Wrestling Federation. “I didn’t do any research,” he says. “When I was sitting in the lobby, I saw the [WWF] magazine and I was like, ‘Oh my God. Is this what I think it is?’”

But he made it into the fold, starting as a production assistant. Within a few years, Pennucci was producing taped editions of the WWF’s weekly show Raw. At the time, Raw was locked in a ratings war with WCW Nitro, the flagship show of their now-defunct competitor. It was a time known as the “Attitude Era,” and the approach as Pennucci describes it was simple: “hit you in the face, get over the characters, get over the storylines, but be quick about it.” You didn’t want to bog viewers down with exposition; you wanted them in the arena where the action was. As such, the quality of the video packages—their pacing, the filters and tricks used, the sharpness of the storytelling—dramatically improved.

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