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The Internet Just Got Randy Orton Over: WWE Needs To Capitalize

The camera takes us backstage with Byron Saxton, he knocks and enters Randy Orton’s dressing room door in a uneasy manner.

“Randy?” he says hastily. “We’re supposed to do that interview.”

Orton waves off the lowly interviewer, his attention is held elsewhere on a monitor, playing the recent viral internet video that edits him “out of nowhere” in to a bunch of painful fail clips.

“Ohhhh my gooddd, RKO!” blasts the speakers.

“You know Byron,” says the Viper, “I think this fan has really managed to encapsulate the true nature of the RKO.”

Byron nods along, confused, as Randy slaps his hand down on his shoulder.

“… It can just come out of nowhere.”

BAM! In the blink of an eye, Randy Orton drops Byron Saxton with the RKO and walks out of the room.

Ok so Randy Orton is over and always will be, but the recent viral compilation of “Vines” gives WWE the opportunity to reinvigorate what has become a relatively mundane character. The Wrestling Observer recently reported that the company are planning to turn him face by next year. What better way to accomplish this than through an organic meme that has already transcended the wrestling fanbase?

Orton begins to blast the RKO “out of nowhere” (which is a perfect catchphrase and t-shirt by the way). Perhaps a clutz like Santino trips down the stairs and Orton is laying in wait. What if he hides under the ring and just as Adam Rose takes his leap of party faith, Orton springs up and hits the RKO?

This wouldn’t just be random humor spots either, we know he hasn’t been 100% in agreement with the Authority since day one. He thinks he deserves the title and is tired of playing second fiddle to the likes of Seth Rollins. The “out of nowhere” chaos (which Michael Cole should never try to superficially sell) is naturally going to anger Triple H and Stephanie. After all this is a multi-million dollar company, Randy can’t just keep attacking people backstage.

So maybe the Viper finally grows some balls and gives the Corporation 2.0 an ultimatum. “I keep running roughshod over the locker room, any time and any place I want, or you give me a title shot” … or whatever stipulation he desires.

Trips probably isn’t going to play ball, so eventually things build to the point where an RKO might just come out of nowhere and lay out the COO.

There’s your face turn!

Of course WWE has a terrible track record of utilizing the creativity of the internet. Whether it’s lame and tame renditions of the Harlem Shake, or cringeworthingly trying to own the Fandango theme song or YES chants, they always end up sticking their sweaty dad-dancing corporate mits all over it, until it simply isn’t cool any more.

WWE’s version of tapping in to the RKO video is to probably have Michael Cole and Jerry “hot topic” Lawler narrate a cheesy segment where they tout how many views the video has received from the “WWE Universe,” as Michael Cole cackles like a girl.

Still, an armchair booker can dream right?

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