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Goldberg Update, Indy Star At NXT, Main Event Results, Norton On NWO Run, Jackman Does Cena Promo

Goldberg On JR’s Podcast

Goldberg was the latest wrestling guest on JR’s podcast. During the interview he reiterated that he’d be open for another WWE run if the opponent and deal was right. He named Triple H and Roman Reigns as possible opponents, and said he’d like to face Lesnar again to re-write their previous “piss-poor” match.

Adam Pearce Works As Guest Trainer

Independent star Adam Pearce has been working as a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center this week.

Though he’s never been under WWE contract officials must hold him in high regard. As with Sara Del Rey, WWE likely see the 35 year old as having more upside training the next generation than as an on air character.

Cesaro Stronger Than Mark Henry On Main Event?

Here’s what went down on this week’s WWE Main Event on the Network:

– Paul Heyman claimed Cesaro was the strongest man in the world, prompting Mark Henry to come out and deliver a bear hug.

– Damien Sandow (dressed as Sherlock Holmes) def. R-Truth.

– Naomi def. Aksana, with the Rear View.

– Cesaro and Mark Henry’s Arm Wrestling match came to an end, when Heyman caused the distraction and Cesaro sent Henry over the table.

Scott Norton Discusses NWO Run

Former WCW star Scott Norton discussed his run in the NWO during a recent interview with In Your Head:

Being part of that was amazing. The biggest heel team of all time, probably the most popular group of guys ever in pro wrestling, we took that thing to the limits. Nitro was just exploding, wrestling was exploding, it was absolutely the biggest thing in pro wrestling ever. So being a part of it, I was very grateful to be in the right time, right place. We had a great group of guys being around it, being involved in it; absolutely the best part of the business for me here in the states.

Former guest Host Cuts Promo On John Cena

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman cut a promo on John Cena during a spot on ESPN SportsCenter:

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