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IMPACT: Tito Ortiz Is TNA’s Mystery Man

Tito Ortiz TNA

MMA legend Tito Ortiz was indeed revealed as TNA’s “August 1st” mystery man on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling. As the Main Event Mafia and Aces & Eights were brawling, following an agreement to retire the member of either group who is pinned in a 5 vs 5 tag match at Hardcore Justice, Ortiz hit the ramp to the surprise of both factions.

It looks like the Huntington Beach Bad Boy who recently signed with Bellator on Spike TV will end up being a wildcard in the ongoing feud, and his target may very well be the MEM’s Rampage Jackson, who he will face in an MMA fight on November 2nd.

The official video of the segment on TNA’s Youtube channel is full of frustrated wrestling fans disappointed that it’s Ortiz instead of name from the wrestling industry. One of the top rated comments this morning was simply “hahahahahaha”.

After all wrestling fans are wrestling fans and are never going to take kindly to somebody from a legitimate sport essentially using their notoriety as a real fighter to “get over” in wrestling, when for the most part they can’t wrestle. And it’s a weird gray area that often just makes wrestling look weak.

During a time when TNA is experiencing cash-flow problems and fans are losing faith in the company, another cynical MMA crossover to help Spike’s Bellator just comes across as cheap, and demonstrates a lack of respect from Spike to TNA, and TNA to their wrestling fans. Adam Pearce who is an extremely talented former Gut Check contestant and teased that the “August 1st” mystery man would be him, summed it up by posting a “reveal” video of himself on the toilet.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. TNA have passed up the opportunity to use a fresh face on the national scene who should have been in a major company years ago, for somebody who isn’t even a wrestler, and is at the tail end of his fighting career. It’s doubtful that Rampage or Ortiz will be long-term investments and realistically will do nothing to garner TNA more popularity. It’s not like MMA fans who are already mocking both Rampage and Ortiz for looking like “WWE” wrestlers on Bellator, are going to switch over to watch them do wrestling on Impact.

In terms of his crossover ability, even from his short walk up the ramp he seems to have more charisma and camera presence than Rampage has displayed thus far, but it still comes across as one big waste of time that might do more harm than good.


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