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IMPACT Preview, Christy Hemme On TNA Creative? Kurt Angle Return Update

Dixie Carter Returns Tonight

Dixie Carter returns to TNA on tonight’s episode of IMPACT:

The show will also feature a Gauntlet match to determine Magnus’ Sacrifice PPV opponent – Samoa Joe vs. Willow vs. Bully Ray vs. Gunner vs. Bobby Lashley vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode vs. Ethan Carter III vs. Eric Young.

And the Bromans will face the Wolves in a tag match.

Christy Hemme Doing Creative For Knockouts?

For those that missed it during the Wrestlemania news blitz, Christy Hemme is now on the TNA creative team. She Tweeted:

“I am SOOOOOO excited to bring a female touch to the product!!!! 1st day on the job and LOVING it!!!! @IMPACTWRESTLING”

I wonder if she’ll write herself out of the Sam Shaw storyline?

Kurt Angle Teases Return

Kurt Angle Tweeted the following today, suggesting he may be the final entrant in the gauntlet:

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