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IMPACT: Mr Anderson Turns On Bully Ray

Mr Anderson Bully Ray

Mr Anderson has always been the wildcard of Aces and Eights, he took considerable wooing to join in the first place, and his unstoppable ego has always clashed with the immovable obnoxiousness of leader Bully Ray. Despite Ray playing happy families at the start of the show this tension reached its logical conclusion by the night’s end, when he took on Sting in a non-title match. As he was caught in the Scorpion Deathlock facing defeat, Anderson was the only club member in the position to make the save … and he didn’t!

“Let me ask you something there, Prez. Do you know who I am?” said Anderson after the match. “I’m the guy that’s gonna face you next week for this title. I’m your worst nightmare. I’m the next World Heavyweight Champion. From Green Bay, Wisconsin and my name – my name – is Misterrrrrrrrr Anderson!”

Hulk Hogan’s plan of breaking up Aces and Eights from the inside appears to be working, at least for now.

Meanwhile the convoluted Bound For Glory Series that has been a mess for weeks, is finally winding down with the reinvigorated AJ Styles winning the Gauntlet to pick up 20 points. He now joins Magnus, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode in the Final Four.

Despite the clunkiness and unfairness of the tournament, at least AJ Styles’ road to redemption is playing out like it should. Of course with his contract looming in the background it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll get a happy ending.

September 05, 2013, TNA Impact Results:

– Knux def. Chris Sabin via DQ when Sabin used the hammer. Backstage he flipped out on his girlfriend Velvet Sky, saying it wasn’t fair because he didn’t bring the hammer in to play.

– ODB confronted Mickie James in the ring and ripped her shirt off.

– AJ Styles won the 20 Point Bound For Glory Series Gauntlet.

– Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff def. James Storm and Gunner with the Brass Knuckles.

– Sting def. World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray in a non-title match.

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