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Impact Does Great Rating, Orlando Dates, Bully Ray Likes Soccer

Best Impact Rating In Months

This week’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV drew an average audience of 1,555,000 viewers, the best number in about a year.

Next week’s show will be from Glasgow, Scotland, and feature the big reveal for the new investor storyline. The company draws great crowds in the UK, which always translates to a better TV show.

TNA Back To Orlando

TNA have managed to book Universal Studios in Orlando, for tapings in March, April and May. They had to reschedule a lot of dates to work around other productions at the sound stage. This means several weeks will be taped in one go:

MARCH 14 – IMPACT Taping
MARCH 15 – IMPACT Taping
APRIL 11 – IMPACT Taping
APRIL 12 – IMPACT Taping
APRIL 26 – One Night Only Taping
APRIL 27 – TNA Pay-Per-View Event
APRIL 28 – IMPACT Taping
APRIL 29 – IMPACT Taping
MAY 7 – IMPACT Taping
MAY 8 – IMPACT Taping
MAY 9 – IMPACT Taping

Bully Ray Big Soccer Fan

Bully Ray spoke with Half-time Whistle ahead of the UK tour and revealed that he’s a big soccer fan. He likened the passion to wrestling fans, and that US sports fans aren’t as raw as European soccer fans:

I’ve always been a fan of soccer since I was a kid, I was never in a team but played it for fun. My family are from Italian dissent and I remember watching with my grandfather a team from Bari in Italy.

I always loved the sport and as I got older it was always hard to find quality soccer in the US. We’ve got a channel over here Fox Soccer Channel where we can follow the Premier League and Italian League and all the other top European leagues.

I’m not a fan of one particular team in the Premier League but rather a fan of the whole of the Premier League – it’s such as fast, aggressive style and I just love the passion of the game.

I really am a fan of soccer for one reason and one reason only and that is the passion of the game. It is the passion of the fans, I don’t believe that American sports can generate that genuine passion, I believed it’s more forced in the United States.

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