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IMPACT: AJ Styles Pipebomb On Dixie Suggests He’s Staying With TNA

AJ Styles

On this week’s Impact Wrestling AJ Styles performed a worked “shoot” promo on TNA President Dixie Carter, suggesting that he’s most likely staying with the promotion and they’re capitalizing on the situation. Back in his loner getup, Styles said that despite being the Main Event Mafia’s mystery partner last week, he’s not about to put the suit and tie back on. He admitted he’s had trust issues, after all he’s been stabbed in the back by his best friends and had his dirty laundry aired on TV. “I’m with no one,” he concluded.

In a sign that he won’t be leaving the company to go to WWE, he said “I’m better than the Best In The World, I’m the Phenomenal One AJ Styles!”

As awkward Yes! chants erupted, Styles said that although he loves what he does in the ring “this is just a job” to him now, and that everyone can relate to being screwed and “shafted by upper management”.

He screamed to Dixie Carter… “I deserve better”, and reminded her that he’s been TNA’s go to guy for 11 years, while she brings in “the next big thing” and everyone watches them fail.

Styles said that despite wishing he’d been fired so he didn’t have to quit, he always changes his mind and does his job to support his family.

However ultimately he quite likes being TNA’s “go to guy”, he likes being the guy that sends the fans home happy. But the question remains, can he win the bound For Glory Series? And go on to become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion?

This was a good segment, it stayed loyal to loner storyline, which I thought was being abruptly dropped last week. TNA are slowly teaching us that despite business problems, they have long term plans for most of their top stars and are at least trying to keep the plot-holes closed.

It’s essentially been a year long build, as Styles is barred from a World title shot until Bound For Glory, and this is his personal road to redemption. Is it too predictable if he rebounds and does get the victory? Or will it be more entertaining if somebody screws him out of his redemption and we watch him implode?

It’s certainly possible either way, as Hulk Hogan made his return as GM and announced a twist to the BFG Series that will allow all of the original 12 competitors to earn 20 points in a match next week.

The Hulkster also announced that Bully Ray will have to defend his World title in two weeks against somebody from his own Aces and Eights club, a clever way to cause dissention in the ranks. But that’s not it. Next week he’ll have to go one on one with Sting!

August 29, 2013, TNA Impact Results:

– Bully Ray says Devon has always been sidekick and he’s never needed him. He said “out with Devon and in with Tito”. Bully goes to give Ortiz the Aces and Eights colors, but Anderson steps in angry that there wasn’t a vote. Bully shouts him down, before reintroducing his “hot Brooke”. Bully proceeds to tear off Devon’s patch and give his vest to Tito.

[Tito looks so out of place in a wrestling ring, following Bully around like a lost puppy. It’s a shame because in MMA he had loads of natural heel charisma, but it just isn’t translating].

– Bound For Glory Series: Jeff Hardy def. Kazarian with the Swanton.

– Backstage the members of the Aves and Eights talk about Bully behind his back.

– 2-out-of-3 Falls: ODB def. Gail Kim to become the #1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship. The first fall went to Gail with the Sharpshooter, ODB came back with the Rollup, and got the final pin with a Sharpshooter herself.

– AJ Styles cuts his “pipebomb” after being introduced by the MEM.

– Bound For Glory Series: AJ Styles def. Bobby Roode, after reversing the pin from a Fisherman’s Suplex.

– Bound For Glory Series: Austin Aries def. Christopher Daniels with the Brainbuster.

– Hulk Hogan returns, gets Bully to sign divorce papers for his daughter and then announces that Ray will have to face Sting next week, and a member of his club with the title on the line the week after.

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