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IC US Title Unification? Cody Jumps Off Cage, JBL Praises Adrian Neville

WWE Teases US and IC Title Unification has a new article up asking Dean Ambrose and Big E. Langston their opinions on possibly merging their United States and Intercontinental titles.

Langston said:
“If it strengthens the legitimacy of both titles, then I’m all for it.”

Dean Ambrose said:
“It’d be a good thing as long as they made one good looking championship for me to haul around, because I’d definitely be the one holding it.”

Watch Cody Rhodes Moonsault Off Cage

Cody Rhodes shared a video on Twitter of himself moonsaulting off the a cage at the Boxing Day house show at MSG. He and Goldust defeated The Real Americans in the match.

JBL Wants Adrian Neville On Main Roster

During a recent interview with The Damn Good Podcast JBL said high-flying innovator Adrian Neville (the former Pac) would be his first call-up from NXT:

“I think he’s just phenomenal. I don’t know about his promo skills as I haven’t seen them as much, but he’s a guy who could go out there and perform on any card, anywhere in the world and be a help to that card. I would love to see him up in the WWE. He’ll be there I just don’t know the time frame.”

JBL also had good things to say about Paige:

“I believe Paige will be a big star, but as far as shaking up the (divas) division goes that remains to be seen. I hope she does but you don’t know until they get there.”

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  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    I don’t like the unification idea, not one bit :/ Codys moonsault was beautiful and I agree with JBL totally, pac is absolutely fantastic!

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