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Hulk Hogan’s TNA Contract Has Expired

Hulk Hogan TNA contractHulk Hogan’s contract with TNA Wrestling expired at the start of October and for the time being he’s gone from the promotion.

The Hulkster agreed to a 2 year deal in 2009 along with Eric Bischoff, that would see him utilized as an on air character and unofficially as a backstage consultant. He and Bischoff then re-signed for at least another 2 years in 2011, with Hogan’s deal expiring this week.

Because TNA are a private company specifics about Hulk’s deal are not known, but it has long been rumored that Spike TV that airs Impact and TNA’s parent company Panda Energy have played a more hands on role than with other talent. Bischoff is also believed to act as Hogan’s agent through his entertainment company, which makes the process a bit more grueling.

At this time they couldn’t agree to terms, likely because he commands a large amount of money that simply doesn’t jive with the company’s recent cost cutting initiative.

Despite originally being brought in with a great deal of fanfare – It was treated as a huge deal with Spike TV officials speaking at a press conference in New York city – Hogan has delivered no measurable success to TV ratings or live attendance.

With cost cutting TNA’s main priority right now, somebody like Hogan who has no official role backstage and is not a particular draw, was rightfully reconsidered. Though it goes without saying that he has a certain amount of name recognition (he won the Greatest Champion vote at WWE Night of Champions), it hasn’t proven enough to make a positive difference to TNA’s bottom line, and he’s never gone out of his way to plug the promotion on his various media appearances, calling in to question his true worth.

He was written out of storylines at a TV taping from Little Rock, Arkansas, which involved Dixie Carter clinging on to Hogan’s leg as he quit TNA.

Where Eric Bischoff stands is a little more unclear, since he is the executive producer of Impact and has a close relationship with Spike officials. Presumably his most recent deal was for longer than Hogan’s.

While fans suspect that his departure may only be temporary and that it will be some kind of swerve with he and Bischoff, so far all signs point to him really calling it quits. The awful way he left on camera suggests he invoked his creative control to make himself look strong and Dixie look absolutely stupid and desperate.

What do you think, should Hulk try and come to terms with TNA or is he an unneeded expense that needed to be cut?

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  • SuperSmark

    The man has become a cancer to the industry.

    • Keelan Balderson

      I wouldn’t go that far, he still gets a great reaction, he just doesn’t know how to give back selflessly.

      • Kent Walker

        couldnt agree more there, if he could do that then tna would probably be in a better place ( or maybe he would still be with wwe )

  • Tony

    DIXIE….don’t renew his contract…move into the 21st Century!

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