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Hulk Won’t Be Back With TNA, DDP Talks TNA Run, Zema Ion’s Status

TNA Behind Hulk Hogan, Eying Up Wrestlemania

Hulk Hogan Triple H WrestlemaniaIf it wasn’t already clear enough Hulk Hogan reiterated on Twitter that he won’t be returning to TNA. When a fan asked about the situation Hulk responded:

“yo Peri,I’m sorry I won’t be coming back. HH.”

Hogan’s TNA deal expired in October and they couldn’t come to a new agreement. Over the past few week’s he’s made it clear that he’s aiming for some kind of appearance at Wrestlemania 30. If there’s any place where Hogan really matters in pro wrestling it’s WWE where he actually has a proper history.

Why DDP Left TNA In 2005

During a recent interview with the RCWR Show DDP discussed why his run with TNA between 2004 to 2005 was so short.

“Uumm, money; hahaha. I came back for one reason, to show that I could still go at 49. I was 49 years old when I was bouncing around out there like that in TNA and I wasn’t about the same weight I was at 44, not the same but I wasn’t that far off. I just really wanted to come back for that one year, you know, rack it up, have some fun matches, you know, make some money and then when it came time to renegotiate the contract we just didn’t agree and I was like no big deal, thank you very much, I had a great time. I was really done.

I didn’t have the run I wanted in the WWE, obviously. I did have a great little run with Christian, we had a great WrestleMania but you know, two and a half years later I wanted to show that DDP could still go and that was the only reason that I did it. It was more about showing that what was possible with DDP yoga than it was about being in the ring, so I obviously had lived the dream on a whole different level at WCW and I make a lot of money. I wasn’t going back for the money, of course you want to make a lot of money but I’m not going to beat up my body unless I’m making a certain number because for me to risk hurting my knees anymore or for me to risk hurting my back, my hips and my ankles, for me its pivotal that my body be in the best shape that I can be in. I don’t want to be broken down and beat up like so many of my other brothers.”

Speaking of DDP, he and Scott Hall recently addressed fans that are still waiting for personal phone calls from Hall after donating earlier this year:

TNA’s Appalling Treatment of Zema Ion

During a recent interview with Quinn’s AM Army former X-Division Champion Zema Ion confirmed that he is still contracted to TNA for “quite a while,” but admits that they haven’t really spoken to him for several months. He is currently making his money doing independent dates, although TNA prevents their talent from working shows that film the matches.

At the beginning of the year Ion was taken out of action with a growth in his bladder. It has since been removed and doctors have confirmed that it wasn’t cancerous. During the interview Ion downplayed that he was upset at TNA for not helping with his medical bills. He said he’s an “independent contractor” and accepts that. However he did reveal that TNA were upset that his girlfriend started a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds, because it made them look bush league.

You can’t get lower than that! Not only does TNA refuse to pay medical bills but they think they have the right to get mad when the wrestlers they pay a pittance attempt other methods to raise the funds? Wow!

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