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Hulk Hogan On Toy Hunter Clip, John Cena Health Update, Vince Tweets Forbes List

Watch Hulk Hogan On Toy Hunter Show

Hulk Hogan was featured on the Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter show yesterday. The episode followed Taboo from Black Eyed Peas, who was hunting for 80s wrestling toys. The crew ended up at Hogan’s Beach in Orlando, and the Hulkster managed to flog an old action figure for $850. Check out the clip below:

John Cena Injury Update

John Cena who may have legitimately hurt himself, despite the recent RAW injury angle, Tweeted the following today:

That banged up wheel is starting to come around. Gonna test it out tomorrow with a bit of squatting rehab. We will see how it goes.

What a morning!! Felt great today. Thank you Rob MacIntyre for helping almost get back 2 normal! @HardNocksSouth

Vince McMahon Tweets About Forbes Billionaire List

Vince McMahon made a rare Tweet this week, commenting on his inclusion in the Forbes Billionaire list:

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