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Hogan’s Relationship With Warrior, Rollins On Getting Reigns Over, HOF Inductor List

Hulk Hogan Discusses Relationship With Ultimate Warrior

In an interview with Sam Roberts, Hulk Hogan discussed his relationship with the Ultimate Warrior. He said they still haven’t spoken since both have been back with WWE, but plans to clear the air for the Hall of Fame:

Speaking of Warrior, he reflected on his career in a new WWE video:

Seth Rollins Talks Helping Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins told Between The Ropes that Roman Reigns – who was a rookie when he went to developmental – learned a lot by being paired with he and Ambrose:

You know what, I tell him [Roman Reigns] this and we joke about it, but the smartest thing the [WWE] company did was put him with me and [Dean] Ambrose. Because when we met him, he started from scratch. Granted he’s got a whole family history in the wrestling business, but he’s a football player. He’s an athlete and he’s coachable, but like he gets it. Like he got it quick and he understood right away what we were doing. I think putting him with myself and Ambrose, who had the wealth of experience and the all the knowledge and traveling the road. We’re in a car all the time, we’re on the planes together, we’re having the matches together. He was just able to soak up that information we were giving out like a sponge and you can see the difference. He was great when we came in, but look at him now and he’s a completely different performer. It was the smartest thing they ever did, putting him with us.

Hall of Fame Preview

The 2014 WWE Hall of Fame takes place tonight from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, and will air live and in full on the WWE Network – starting 9PM EST. A condensed version will also air on the USA Network on Monday. Here’s who will be doing the inducting:

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts will be inducted by Diamond Dallas Page.
– Paul Bearer will be inducted by his sons.
– Lita will be inducted by Trish Stratus.
– Carlos Colon will be inducted by Los Matdores and possibly Carlito, who is in town.
– Mr. T will be inducted by Hulk Hogan.
– Ultimate Warrior will be inducted by Linda McMahon, who he was close to during his WWF runs.

Razor Ramon’s inductor is not yet confirmed.

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