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Hogan Wants CM Punk Back, Fandango Respects Jericho, Hornswoggle Movie Premiere

Hulk Hogan Discusses CM Punk Situation

TMZ recently caught up with Hulk Hogan and asked him about the CM Punk situation. He said he wasn’t too clued in, but hoped Punk is just on “a short vacation in Hawaii or somewhere.”

The Hulkster said it’s great to be back in WWE, and plugged the WWE Network – saying it has immortalized him.

Fandango Talks Idolizing and Working With Chris Jericho

In an interview with the Independent during his recent UK promotional tour, Fandango was asked about working with Chris Jericho:

It really took me a month or two after for it to set in that I debuted at Wrestlemania and beat Lionheart Chris Jericho, a guy I grew up watching, and who was one of the reasons I got into the wrestling business – a huge influence for me – and he helped me a lot. He helped me build the Fandango character by working with me leading up to Wrestlemania. It was overwhelming and unbelievable and it happened in the blink of an eye.

Fandango teased that he wouldn’t mind following in Y2J’s footsteps and doing Dancing With the Stars.

Speaking of Jericho his appearance at World of Wheels in Detroit today drew 1,200 fans.

Hornswoggle Attending Muppets Premiere

Hornswoggle who has a cameo in the Muppets Most Wanted movie will be attending the premiere tomorrow in LA.

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