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Hogan Teases Sting At Wrestlemania, Mysterio Contract Update, Orndorff Still Bitter, JR’s Mania Thoughts

Hulk Hogan Teases Sting May Be In Battle Royal

Hulk Hogan suggested that Sting or Ultimate Warrior appearing in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal could be a possibility, in an interview with Red Eye Chicago:

Right now the Big Show or Big E. Langston have a good chance to win it. But if something crazy happens like Sting or Ultimate Warrior show up, anything could happen.

The Hulkster also discussed the CM Punk situation:

I don’t know why he quit and what the situation was about, but I was really looking forward to meeting the man and getting to know him. As far as me, I have a personal opinion on it and I would love for him to come back. If he needs time off whether it was business or personal, it’s none of my business. Whatever it was, he was such a great superstar and I would love for him to come back.

Rey Mysterio Becoming Part Timer?

As previously reported, Rey Mysterio’s WWE contract expires at the end of the month and he is yet to sign a new deal. The Wrestling Observer notes that WWE are considering giving him a part time in-ring contract, with his spare time being used as a company ambassador for Latin America.

Both sides have had tough contract negotiations with his last few renewals because Mysterio commands top money, but is very injury prone. WWE have never let him walk because he’s important for the Hispanic market and still sells a boat load of merchandise.

Paul Orndorff Still Bitter At WWE

Wrestling legend Paul Orndorff is still bitter about his WWE run in the 80s. He told the Blue Steel Cage show on that if he had gone over Hogan the company would have made more money:

That’s what they should have done. And instead of making hundreds of millions of dollars they could have made thousands of millions of dollars if they had done that. We talked about it some and that’s what they should have done … I guess for some reason because [Hulk] was 6’5″ and weighed 320 pounds that he was this big huge thing that nobody should beat him for the belt. If they would have said “Let’s go out there, Paul, and you fight for your life and Terry, you go out there and you fight for your life,” you can bet your ass I would have fought. I guarantee … I would have won and [Hulk] knows it.

I ran the matches, and I worked off of [Hulk Hogan]. [Hogan did] his best to work off of me because [he’d] never be able to keep up with me. I did that with Hogan. That’s why we worked together good. We [were] two Florida boys. I wasn’t buddy-buddy with him. I didn’t weigh 300 pounds but I weighed 240 pounds and I was a badass and he wasn’t.

Orndorff said the current product needs to better emulate MMA:

It’s been so downgraded. You look at boxing, you look at MMA fighting, that’s what people are watching. It’s more believable. That’s what people want to see. They don’t want to see that phoney baloney out there. They want to see something real. They want to see somebody lose a tooth, have a black eye.

Jim Ross Gives His Wrestlemania Thoughts

Jim Ross gave his Wrestlemania thoughts in an interview with Best of New Orleans

Which match will steal the show:

Because of what’s at stake and the two guys in it, I think the Triple H/Daniel Bryan match could very well be the show-stealer on that card. I expect that match to go on early, so the audience is going to be fresher, full of “P & V.” Then the fact that there’s something definitive at stake as relates to the winner. [The winner gets a title shot later that night.] You have a destination, you have a reason, you have two highly talented guys that have so much professional pride. I think that Triple H/Bryan match is one that will tell a very compelling story. It’s not the beginning or ending chapter; another chapter will be written later in the night. But it’s got a chance to be a great match.

The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar:

A match that, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, I think will make a lasting impression is the [Undertaker defending his WrestleMania winning] Streak. There’s a feeling about the Streak that’s hard to describe, a feeling you and those around you have when that match is about to begin. It’s not something that you can necessarily articulate, even as a skilled wordsmith or journalist. Undertaker’s 21 and 0; I’ve broadcast a lot of those matches, and it’s one of the most unique environments— and this isn’t hyperbole— I’ve ever experienced. When you look at Undertaker’s body of work, he wants to raise the bar every outing. The whole presentation of the Streak, in person, is an experience you just can’t replicate.

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