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Hogan Talks Gays In Wrestling, TNA and WWE On Same Service, The Rock Takes WWE Writer With Him

Hulk Hogan On Homosexuals In The Wrestling Business

The Huffington Post recently asked Hulk Hogan about homosexuals being embraced in pro wrestling:

I think everybody’s been reeducated, so it’s not that big a deal. At least for me — and I can only speak from my heart — I’ve got people all around me who are gay, so it’s not an issue with me. I think the whole world feels like that now.

I knew Pat was gay back in 1976, when he helped me start wrestling. Whenever I see Pat, I give him a big hug and kiss. He’s my guy! There are several wrestlers in Japan who are gay. I’ve just never looked at it as anything weird. It was normal.

New PlayStation TV Service Shows Wrestling

Sony are currently beta testing an online streaming service called Vue. Those with early access note that both USA Network which airs RAW, and Destination America (the new home of TNA) are both featured on the service.

Brian Gewirtz Working With The Rock

Long time WWE creative member Brian Gewirtz continues to work with the Rock outside of WWE. Because The Rock always has such a hectic schedule he is the only writer he works with when he’s in WWE and he trusts Gewirtz to script some of his promos because he knows how to capture “The Rock’s voice.” Gewirtz recently helped Rock with his Christmas In Washington special on TNT, and has also bee hired by Rock’s $7 Bucks Production team.

It’s quite rare for WWE employees to get outside gigs, but it can’t hurt to have somebody close to The Rock when he’s not with the company.

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