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Hulk Getting Physical At Mania? JR On WWE Scouting Amateurs, The Rock Hercules Pic

Videos: Hulk Hogan Does The Media Rounds

Hulk Hogan has been on a media frenzy today. He appeared on Opie and Anthony, LIVE with Kelly and Michael, Good Morning America, Sports Illustrated Now, Sky Sports News, the Z-Morning Zoo, The Elvis Duran Show, and FOX & Friends – where he teased getting physical at Wrestlemania:

Z-Morning Zoo

Fox and Friends

WWE Scouting Amateur Wrestlers

Jim Ross wrote about Gerald Brisco scouting amateur wrestlers at the Nationals in OKC, in his latest blog:

Saw some real studs at the Nationals in OKC the past few days. Jerry Brisco has seen many of these athletes multiple times this season and has a strong group considering WWE as a career choice. When a scholarship athlete makes it to the Nationals one doesn’t have to worry about their athleticism so it’s their personality that becomes the focus. Plus, it always helps if they are a fan to some degree of the pro wrestling genre. Thanks to Jerry’s efforts over the years, the amateur wrestling community looks at a company such as WWE in a new, positive light. In the old days, there was a divide between the amateur’s and the pro’s.

If just half the kids that have been recruited sign, WWE will have a gifted group of big personality athletes with which to work with in their Performance Center.

The Rock As Hercules Photo

Here is a new picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing Hercules:

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