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Hogan Is Delusional, WWE Network Is Free In Feb, NXT Match At Mania? Austin vs Brock Fantasy Video

Hulk Hogan Says He’s Training For The Title

Whether he’s delusional or just thinks this is what reporters want to hear, Hulk Hogan continues to promote a return to the ring. Talking with Contact Music he said:

I got some advice from a wise man, his name is Vince McMahon and he said, ‘Never, say never. I’m home and to end the legacy and put the period on the end of the sentence I am training right now like I’m getting ready for the WWE Championship. You just never know when Hulk Hogan is going to tear the house down. It could be any time, it could be anywhere. I am training and getting ready for my last match, my last run or my retirement match. It’s not over until the fat lady sings and I haven’t put the period at the end of the sentence yet.

My back is straightened out after nine back surgeries, everything seems to be on track and working really well.

WWE Offers Free Month of Network

Those who sign up to the WWE Network from now through February will not be billed until March, effectively giving them a free subscription for February. This means you’ll get Fast Lane for free. The offer however only applies to new subscribers.

I’m based in the UK and signed up before Rumble, and I’ve also been given the offer.

WWE has just announced that we will be giving new WWE Network subscribers the entire month of February free including WWE’s newest pay-per-view event, Fast Lane. As a thank you for your patience and being one of the first to sign up [in the UK] for WWE Network, we are extending this special offer to you. You will now get February for free and will not be charged for WWE Network until March 1

Here’s the full press release:

Due to the tremendous response from fans to the free November promotion, WWE (NYSE: WWE) will again offer a free month of WWE Network to new subscribers during February in advance of its biggest event of the year, WrestleMania® 31 on Sunday, March 29. During the month of February, subscribers will have access to all of WWE Network’s programming including a live podcast hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin® this Monday, February 2 featuring Triple H® and the all-new, live pay-per-view event WWE FAST LANE™ on Sunday, February 22.

“Last November we offered a free month of WWE Network to new subscribers with great success, helping us reach the 1 million subscriber milestone,” said Michelle Wilson, WWE Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer. “We are excited to extend the same opportunity in February to those who have not yet subscribed so they can experience all that WWE Network offers right before WrestleMania.”

This past Tuesday, WWE announced that WWE Network had surpassed 1 million subscribers just 11 months after launch, making it the fastest-growing digital subscription service. These results were driven primarily by the successful free November promotion, the launch of the service in the UK and significant additions for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event.

Sami Zayn On Potential Wrestlemania Match

In a recent interview with The National Sami Zayn was asked about the potential for a NXT match at Wrestlemania:

Obviously it goes without saying that it would be a dream come true to perform at WrestleMania. I really don’t know. I’ve heard rumours, but I put very little stock into them. But a small part of me feels as great as it would be to be on WrestleMania, you know the likelihood if we were featured in that kind of light, would be probably a five-minute showcase and that is not how you envision your WrestleMania debut. But listen, a WrestleMania debut is a WrestleMania debut, especially if you are defending a championship at WrestleMania. It would be awesome, it goes without saying. But I would hopefully envision a time when I can be at WrestleMania in a bigger role.

In previous years they’ve held NXT matches at the Axxess event over Wrestlemania weekend.

Zayn also discussed the buzz surrounding the NXT product:

It is a lot more interesting in my opinion to watch people kind of clawing and chomping at the bit to get ahead. While I think once you have made the main roster, there is a certain level of comfort and security knowing that you are here. It is not to say that you should take anything for granted, and I am not saying the people on the main roster do, but there is a certain level of hunger that exists amongst the NXT roster that you just have to be in NXT to understand, or you have to watch NXT to understand, and really fully appreciate that hunger.

WWE Fantasy Book Austin vs Lesnar

WWE’s latest “Fantasy Booking” video pits Steve Austin against Brock Lesnar. This one is particularly interesting as Austin infamously walked out on WWE when he was booked to lose against Lesnar on RAW back in 2002. He said he didn’t think it made sense because there was no build and it wasn’t on PPV.

Well here’s a fake build:

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  • Red-Headed Stepson

    He said that he was training LIKE he is getting ready for the WWE Championship. This does not mean that he seriously believes that he may one day become the champion again. It just means that he is training hard. You misinterpreted his words.

  • ReallyPeople?

    Hogan’s ego is the 10th, 11th, and 12th wonder of the world… its that big.

    Also, kind of messed up that UK and new subscribers get a free month, but I have had the network since day 3 and don’t get a damn bit of appreciation.

    Also, slowly but surely, WWE is sliding commercials into the network. They have 60 second spots for immortals, some in house programming, crappy toys and Hulu airing when you watch newer content.

  • ReallyPeople?

    this is the crap long term subscribers got: Tell your friends they can get what you pay for for FREE!

  • Brad

    I’ve just signed up to the network and it says my first payment will be on 14th feb?

  • Greg Giggie

    I hate this mentality. I worked for a cable company doing customer service & had to listen to endless people all, “but I’m a loyal customer, how come the new customer gets a better price?” Did you forget that you got a great deal when you signed up, they’re trying to lure in new clients, this is one way to do it in all businesses. I mean if candy bars are buy one get one free one week do you freak out on Monday when you got the store & the sale has ended? It’s a promotional rate. If that’s the case then I’m going to complain that the PPVs I watched when I was a kid were $50 & now it’s $9.99 with the Network, just think about it that way man. In Your House was a 2 hour in between PPV to build for the 4 (or 5 with KOTR) big ones for $14.99 back in the day, then they upped the price & turned them into “normal” 3 hours + shows, 2 years ago gas was $4 per gallon (I’m in Maine) & now it’s barely $2, my suggestion is get used to how life works.

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