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Hideo and Zayn Both Injured? WWE Releasing Owen Hart DVD

Hideo Itami Added To Injured List

It’s not just Sami Zayn who is expected to need several months off to heel a shoulder injury. NXT star Hideo Itami is believed to be suffering the same fate and has not wrestled since the April 22nd NXT tapings. It’s not entirely clear what happened with Itami but Zayn exacerbated an existing issue by simply celebrating on the ring steps during his “official” main roster debut on Monday.

The company has not given official timetables for either man’s return.

WWE Finally Doing Owen Hart DVD Set

In some curious timing following the Booker T comment, WWE have started work on their first Owen Hart DVD set. It will most likely follow the usual format of a documentary/interview portion, with select matches from his career.

It will be interesting to see how they handle his tragic death. Presumably his wife Martha and the surviving Harts will be heavily involved.

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