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Heyman Tommy Dreamer Heat, Edge Shoots On Attitude Era, Bulldog’s Daughter Backstage

Tommy Dreamer Shoots On ECW Exposed

In what may or may not have been a joke, ECW Original Tommy Dreamer Tweeted Joey Styles about the recent ECW Exposed show. Dreamer calls out Styles for drinking the “Kool Aid” and pointed out that he doesn’t get royalties and rights for the things he owned. In the end days he took on a lot of the business operations.

Paul Heyman then went off on one:

It seems after all of these years there’s still resentment and egos surrounding ECW’s demise. That or Heyman is just trying to get heat for the sake of promoting ECW week.

Edge Says Attitude Era Lacked Wrestling

In a recent interview with Alternative Nation Edge said that one problem with the Attitude Era was the TV matches were too short:

People are always talking about the Attitude Era, and all of this and all of that, but if you watch back, sometimes the matches weren’t that great because we had 2 minutes. It’s not possible to have a good wrestling match in 2 minutes, you can’t tell a story, you can tell a haiku. Since the PG era, I know when I was in matches, I had half an hour sometimes, 20 minutes, there I can tell a story. To me that’s the meat and potatoes of the whole thing, it all boils down to the wrestling at the end of the day. The Attitude Era was a lot about the hijinks backstage, and the matches kind of got forgotten about. It’s looked at with rose colored glasses because the ratings were good, and it was working for obvious reasons, but to me those obvious reasons were characters like Stone Cold, who would then get in and have a long match at a PPV. Characters like The Rock who would be entertaining, but still at the end of the day, they could go. I think now, you need a little bit of both.

Georgia Smith Catches Up With Tyson Kidd

Georgia Smith, the late “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith’s daughter, was snapped backstage at the SmackDown tapings in Liverpool with Tyson Kidd. She was with her boyfriend – singer Adam Barry:

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