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Heyman With Supermodel, Stevie Richards On Vince McMahon, Matt Goldberg Update

Paul Heyman On TMZ With Supermodel

Paul Heyman was recently caught by TMZ in LA with Australian Supermodel Ellie Gonsalves. Heyman still does marketing outside of WWE which is likely why they were together.

Heyman was asked when he was bringing Brock Lesnar back to LA, and he said Lesnar doesn’t like executives that lie to him.

“You don’t bring Brock Lesnar to Hollywood! He would leave a whole bunch of executives down in pools of their own blood.”

Stevie Richards Talks Vince McMahon Relationship

ECW original Stevie Richards discussed his relationship with Vince McMahon in a recent interview with

It’s tough to say, because it’s one of those things where he would call you in to give you the usual critique and say “You should have done this or you should have done that.” But the fact is, he’s so busy, that if he does take the time to pull you aside and talk to you, it’s usually not a very good thing. So I didn’t get that too many times, but I did everything to the best of my ability. Vince did pull me aside for good things. But most of the time, for bosses in general, if you do a good job, it’s not going to get the boss’ attention as much as if you really screwed up a plan that he or she has. The bottom line is this: I was contracted to do a job. When that contract ended, they didn’t owe me any money and I didn’t owe them any labor. That was it. Nobody stays in WWE forever. Everyone’s contract ends at some point. Sure they might come back, but nobody is there for 20-30 years. I think that’s a good thing because it keeps you sharp, it keeps you hungry and hopefully it will motivate you to save your money, because sooner or later, that money runs out.

How he felt about his WWE run:

I’m one of those guys where as long as you tell me what you want in a match, I’m cool with that. When I was in WWF, the agents used to come up and tell me “We need Val Venis over in 8 minutes, do it however you want.” And to me, that’s very complimentary that they can trust me. That’s a very good stamp of approval to have from the office. They knew I was talented, but I think there was a point where someone said “This guy doesn’t draw enough money, let’s bring somebody else in who can bring something to the table.” But that doesn’t matter, because to me, the money looks the same. When I go to cash my check, the bank’s not going to tell me, “Oh you’re only making such and such dollars and you’re a jobber, we’re not going to cash your check.” One of things I wish I would have done was had the work ethic of Diamond Dallas Page, who’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known. And I wish I was business savvy like Kevin Nash. Now, I know that may not sound popular, but I think Kevin has a good perspective on business and he’s a really decent guy to be around. Now, I feel like I’ve learned from both DDP and Nash; it may be late, but I still learned.

WWE Hire Stop Motion Animator

WWE hired award animator and filmmaker Matt Goldberg to create animation for WWE’s Youtube and other projects. He told The Rack:

I have signed with the WWE to produce stop motion animation content for them; two of the videos have already debuted and my first one that I did for them just broke 100,000 views, which was the most of all the animated videos they have. So, that was really neat. They told me they put that on their YouTube homepage and I don’t want to go into more details; I’m not sure how much I can talk about right now.

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