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Heyman On Getting Fired, The Rock Wants To Do Bond Movie, Piven Values RAW Appearance

Paul Heyman Discusses His Firing From SmackDown In 2004

The second part of Steve Austin’s podcast with Paul Heyman is hilarious and insightful, and he shares several stories from his time working in WWE. In one story he recalls how he was removed from the SmackDown writing team for listening in to RAW’s creative meetings secretly.

Heyman says Vince’s schedule is so off the wall that he’d leave his phone connected between meetings so he could sleep and appear to be present, even if he hadn’t made it quite on time to his specific meeting. One time he left his phone connected while RAW’s creative team were in a conference, but because the battery went dead it revealed he had been on the line. Though Heyman says he was sleeping on this occasion, he jokingly admitted that he’d listened in many times before, and thus was disciplined.

Heyman also went in to great detail about the death of ECW and how he wasn’t necessarily a “bad business man”. He explained that when RAW bumped them from TNN he couldn’t secure other distribution, and that although he was in the red he was also owed millions from the PPV companies. He referenced UFC as a brand that had to go in to the red to build up its presence.

Most interestingly Heyman says TNA has lost millions, far more than ECW ever did, but Panda Energy have kept them afloat.

The Rock Wants To Be Bond villain

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says he wants to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and play a Bond villain:

I would love to be a Bond villain. I am a huge fan of Daniel Craig and the Bond movies but it seems only right to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps as a Bond baddie.

Peter Maivai played a driver that attacked James Bond in the 1967 Bond movie You Only Live Twice, starring Sean Conner.

Jeremy Piven Discusses RAW Appearance

Actor Jeremy Piven was asked about his 2009 RAW appearance in a Reddit AMA, and it seems like he truly valued the experience:

I was blown away by the professionalism of everybody who worked for WWE. They’re like a traveling band of brothers and sisters. And Cena is like a beast, he’s a very articulate and talented guy, and I was lucky enough to jump off the top ropes and into his waiting arms, and I was used as a battering ram. I felt like I got to live another life, that’s what actors do, and it was quite an honor.

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