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Henry Returns, Reigns Gets Staples, WWE Magazine Scrapped, NWO Reunion? Foley Praises Steph

Mark Henry Returns On RAW

Mark Henry made is return to action on last night’s RAW, beating Damien Sandow:

Roman Reigns Busted Open

Roman Reigns required 6 staples in his forehead following his match with Kane last night:

Mick Foley Is A Stephanie Guy

WWE legend Mick Foley penned a blog following RAW explaining why he’s a “Stephanie McMahon guy”:

Let me get the little negatives out of the way first – so I don’t contradict statements I’ve made in the past. Yes, I do think the casual or investor can get confused when real-life authority figures play abusive authority figures on air. I do wish there was an authority figure, a new GM or Commisioner (no, not me, but I’ll have a few suggestions for candidates in a later post) to check and balance The Authority.

But with that being said, I’m proud to say that I’m a Stepanie McMahon guy. Seriously. I am. Stephanie can be such a mesmerizing presense on WWE Monday Night Raw and #Smackdown . Her recent interactions with Brie Bella – WWE Universe have been intense and exciting – and as a long time #DivaBeliever, I love the idea of ending #RAW with the ladies.

I met Stephanie 16 years ago – only minutes after the infamous Cell match, in Pittsburgh, in June, 1998, when I’d been told that a WWE employee and good friend had just learned of the loss of a loved one. I gave my friend a hug, and out of the corner of my eye, saw Stephanie McMahon – WWE for the first time. I gave the young McMahon a smile and then departed to participate in the most awkward run-in/limp-in/stumble in sports entertainment history.

It was 14 years ago that I was the first recipient of a Stephanie on-air slap. I still remember her soaking up everything around her like a sponge; looking at me as I said, “you can slap me as hard as you can – just not on the jaw” as if they were the wisest words in the world. Ms McMahon would go on to slap dozens…and dozens more over the next 14 years – as hard as she could, but hopefully never on the jaw. But hopefully, she has a special memory of the guy she smacked first.

RAW Audience Drops

RAW’s audience dropped again this week, drawing an average of 4,048,000 viewers.

WWE Magazine Is Discontinued

The latest victim of WWE’s recent cuts is WWE Magazine. After 30 years of on and off print, WWE are discontinuing the publication. 14 of the recent 55 WWE office releases were related to the magazine.

WWE have always produced the magazine in-house. Word is that they may be open to licensing out WWE’s name to a third party to do the magazine and then taking a risk free cut of the profit.

NWO Returning Next Week

Members of the NWO may be returning next week for Hulk Hogan’s birthday segment on RAW. Scott Hall Tweeted:

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