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Hector Garza Dies From Lung Cancer: Former WCW and TNA Wrestler

Hector Garza WCW

Hector Garza, who is a former WCW cruiserweight wrestler from the 90s and TNA X-Division star more recently, has passed away at 43 years old after suffering from lung cancer.

Gazra was trained by his legendary Luchadore father Humberto Garza and his two uncles in the early 90s. He had successful runs in rival Mexican wrestling promotions CMLL and AAA before traveling overseas. His first exposure to American audiences came during the WWF Royal Rumble 1997 match, which featured several other AAA Lucha Libre stars. Garza then jumped to WCW’s growing cruiserweight division where he was mainly used to put over other stars. Most famously he got an upset victory over the NWO’s Scott Hall.

Younger fans may best recognize him as a participant in the 2004 TNA World X-Cup tournament, which transitioned in to a small run in the X-Division and even a World title shot against Jeff Jarrett. Unfortunately Garza’s push was cut short when he was deported for steroid possession.

Here he is taking on Fankie Sloan in the 2004 TNA World X Cup …

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