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Hall of Fame Update, Darren Young on Bill DeMott, Nobody Liked Paige In NXT?

Name Not Going In To Hall of Fame?

The word now is that Ray “The Crippler” Stevens will not be inducted in to this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class, despite his ties to the Bay Area. Stevens was heavily pushed by Pat Patterson, so it’s not clear why his name has been dropped.

Darren Young Not Trained By DeMott

Perhaps fishing for an opinion, a fan asked whether Darren Young was trained by Bill DeMott. One of the allegations was that he used homophobic slurs.

Paige Discusses Developmental

In a recent interview with Trib LIVE radio Paige revealed that she didn’t really fit in when she was in developmental because she already knew how to wrestle:

I feel like there is always going to be a clique at any place you go into. There were handful of people who were really great to me, mostly the trainers. Norman Smiley was great. Terry Taylor was amazing. Dr. Tom was fantastic. Yes, some of the girls were a little standoffish from me, I feel like. I was completely different than they were and already had the wrestling experience. But I realized coming into developmental, I had to start over again from scratch. I guess my look, and you know, a couple of the girls said down the line when they started to like me some more, they were just like, ‘Oh, we were just a little intimidated by the way you were and how you wrestled and stuff.’ So I was like, ‘You were just going to hold that against me because I could wrestle and make me feel terrible about myself?

So it all worked out. Any place you come in, it’s kind of like a high school thing. There are girls that have been together for a long time and a new girl comes in and it’s like who is that? It’s expected. It didn’t last very long. Summer Rae was actually the sweetest girl to me the first day I got there. She’s always been amazing and the same with me the whole time.

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