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Hall of Fame Controversy, Scotty Too Hotty Upset, Jericho Scolds Hecklers, Lots of Interviews

Legends Get Their HOF Rings

Rikishi Didn’t Even Mention Too Cool

As always the Hall of Fame was a proud and emotional night for those in the wrestling business and those who enjoy watching it, but it wasn’t without its controversy. Once again a minority of fans (perhaps not genuine fans) thought they had a right to heckle and chant when they were bored or thought speeches weren’t going well. It seems despite claiming to be “smart,” these fools can’t tell when the show’s over and it’s time to act like adults. Chris Jericho and others took them to task on Twitter for their disrespectful behaviour.

In terms of the speeches themselves, Rikishi’s was notable for the lack of any mention of Too Cool, who were an integral part of him becoming popular as the Rikishi character. Scotty Too Hotty says he was hurt by the snub on Twitter:

Highlights and Fallout

More Superstar Interviews

The WWE Superstars continue to do the media rounds for Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan spoke with Sam Roberts about his journey from last year:

Brian Fritz of Between The Ropes also has a particularly good bunch of interviews:

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